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bad flu

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phani kumar asked 1 month ago
 Cancer is such a terrifying concept that I am unable to fully comprehend what it consists of. Is it like a really bad flu that just never goes away?

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Dr. Bommu Venkateshwara Reddy Staff answered 1 month ago

So, cancer, right? It resembles when your body's cells choose to go haywire and begin multiplying like crazy. I mean, normally our cells are chill, they grow and divide at a decent pace. But with cancer, it's like they've all gone rogue or something, forming these weird lumps called tumors.



And those tumors? Well, they can be either harmless or straight-up troublemakers. The harmless ones just hang out, minding their own business. But the troublemakers? They spread like wildfire, causing chaos wherever they go.



Imagine your body as a garden, you know? Everything's cool until those pesky weeds start taking over. Cancer resembles those weeds, aside from they're growing inside you.



Treatment? Better believe it, everything revolves around kicking those cancers to the curb and taking care of those unruly cells back. Medical procedure, chemo, radiation—anything that it takes to take care of the job.



It's scary stuff, no doubt. Yet, hello, a lot of people beat it, particularly on the off chance that they get it early. Thus, focus on everything that your body's saying to you, and make it a point to reach out for help in the event that something feels off.

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