Gastric Carcinoma – Distal Gastrectomy

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Gastric Carcinoma – Distal Gastrectomy

QuestionsCategory: cancerGastric Carcinoma – Distal Gastrectomy
K Nirmala asked 4 months ago
Sir, I have underwent Distal Gastrectomy, on 22/12/2023, with a complaint that carcinoma / lymphoma persists in the pyloric sphincter area near duodenum. Biopsy reports state the case as Grade 3. Surgeons in SVIMS Tirupati, removed the affected organ from the body. I am now 49 years old (Female). Wt. 72 Kgs. I am suffering with BP and Sugar, taking Revelol AM 50/5 and Glimiprex MF 1/500. I aspire to take treatment at your hospitals. Surgeons suggested me for chemotherapy. Now I am taking regular (vegan) foods, in small quantities only. I seek your help to overcome this hard situation and bring my lifestyle to normal. Expecting favorable response from you for my complete recovery.

1 Answers
Dr. Bommu Venkateshwara Reddy Staff answered 4 months ago
Extremely sorry for the pain you are going through. We are pleased to inform you that our Health Specialist Team is ready to help you in all the possible ways that helps for your recovery. So Please share the reports to the mail ID: contact@punarjanayurveda.com along with the latest prescribed medicine, case history and Mobile Number. Our Health Specialist team will contact you at the earliest or you can feel free call us at +91 8008842222.

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