How does immunotherapy help in cancer treatment?

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How does immunotherapy help in cancer treatment?

QuestionsCategory: cancerHow does immunotherapy help in cancer treatment?
Hamsanandi asked 7 months ago
How does immunotherapy help in cancer treatment?

1 Answers
Dr. Bommu Venkateshwara Reddy Staff answered 6 months ago
Medical researchers have always faced a great hurdle in the study of cancer. Immunotherapy has given promise for the treatment of this illness. Immunotherapy enhances the immune system's capacity to combat illness rather than directly targeting cancer cells, as radiation and chemotherapy do. This novel approach has demonstrated promising outcomes in the treatment of various types of cancer, resulting in unprecedented advancements in patient prognosis.   Empowering the Immune System  
  • Recognition and Targeting of Cancer Cells: Therapy is challenging because cancer evades the immune system. The immune system fights cancer with the aid of immunotherapy. For instance, certain therapies mark cancer cells, making them more visible to the immune system.
  • Enhancing Immune Response: Some forms of immunotherapy enhance the overall ability of the immune system to fight cancer. This is achieved by administering substances that boost the body’s immune response, leading to a more effective attack on cancer cells.
  • Checkpoint Inhibitors: These are drugs that help the immune system recognize and combat cancer cells. Normally, cancer cells can turn off immune responses, but checkpoint inhibitors block this ability, allowing the immune system to function more effectively against cancer.
  • CAR T-cell Therapy: In this innovative approach, T-cells from a patient's blood are altered in the lab to create chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) on their surface. These CARs enable T-cells to attach to a specific antigen on cancer cells and destroy them.
  Personalized Medicine   Immunotherapy offers a more personalized treatment approach. Since every individual’s immune system and cancer type are unique, treatments can be tailored to each patient’s specific situation, enhancing the effectiveness and reducing potential side effects.   Keep in Mind   Immunotherapy revolutionized the treatment of cancer. Enhancement of the immune system may supplant cancer treatments. Although unexpected, not all malignancies or individuals have benefited from the discoveries. Immunotherapy has the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment for millions. Immunotherapy could be additive to cancer treatment regimens.

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