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What are Risk Factors Of Cervical Cancer

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D S Varma asked 8 months ago

Cervical cancer

Cancer present in the cervix area is called cervical cancer. It is the part which connects vagina and the lower part of the uterus. 

The infection of HPV virus leads to cervical cancers.   Infection with HPV occurs through sexual contact. When HPV enters the human body, it counteracts the workings of the immune system so that some cervical cells may become cancer cells.

Risk factors

Smoking. Cervical cancer risk increases with smoking. If people with HPV infections smoke, then the infection would stay longer and cause cervical cancer.

Multiple sexual partners. Having multiple sexual partners is a bigger risk to HPV infections 

Young age sex may be a risk of HPV infection.

Sexually transmitted infections (STI’s). Herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV/AIDS  increases the risk of HPV infections.

Weak immune system. Chances of getting cervical cancer are high when a person’s immune system is weakened by another health condition.

Miscarriage prevention medicine. Diethylstilbestrol is the medicine used for mis-carriage. Chance of cervical cancer to a woman prevails If her mother uses this medicine during pregnancy and is an adenocarcinoma.

Cervical remedies have great remedies in ayurveda practice as cancer related female reproductive systems are a great concern in females. Ayurvedic practices were implemented in increasing the immunity and energy production by yoga, diet, mediation, pranayama techniques so that quality of life is achieved in women.


Some herbs used in ayurveda remedies for cervical cancer are:


  • Ashwagandha or Withania somnifera, has anti-inflammatory properties helps in fighting cancer cells 
  • Lodhra or Symplocus racemosa,  is useful in treating menstrual problems in women and helpful in treating all cancers in female reproductive system especially cervical cancer
  • Shatavari or Asparagus racemosus, helps in preventing the growth of cancer cells in cervical cancer. It also helps in increasing libido in women
  • Ashoka bark of Saraca indica,  reduces pain and symptoms of tumors. It can reduce the chance of cervical cancer and decrease the menstrual problems and PMS symptoms 
  • Guggul or Commiphora mukul, is used in rejuvenating health tonics that is helpful in the treatment of cervical cancer

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