what are the best ways to prevent cancer?

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what are the best ways to prevent cancer?

QuestionsCategory: cancerwhat are the best ways to prevent cancer?
rajinisri asked 8 months ago
Dr. Bommu Venkateshwara Reddy Staff replied 7 months ago

We all know the proverb “prevention is better than cure” so, every individual has to know the preventive measures of cancer. It is better to prevent cancer or any disease rather than being affected, undergoing the treatment process and experiencing the pain during treatment of the disease.

Cancer risk can be prevented by:
Stop using tobacco.
Avoid alcohol consumption.
A healthy diet with fruits and vegetables
Regular physical activity
Well maintained body weight
Vaccination for HPV and hepatitis B
Safe usage of radiation exposure in health care
Avoid ultraviolet radiation exposure.
Less exposure to ionizing radiation
Reduce the exposure to air pollution and radon.

Responding to the treatment would be better if cancer was detected in the early stages with cost-effectiveness, and the death rates would also be reduced.

People have to get awareness about symptoms, diagnostic services, treatment services of cancer. It is crucial for early diagnosis.

Most of the cancer patients were significantly cured when detected in the early stages, avoiding delays in care.

Ayurvedic practices are the most ancient and indigenous methods from plant drugs used to heal various diseases. It is the most accepted therapy worldwide. Generally it focuses on improving the quality of life by following the proper diet with fruits and vegetables, by implementing yoga, meditation, pranayama and breathing exercises to enhance the energy driven process to our body. Various rasayanas and alkaline water were consumed to improve the immunity so that damage can be reduced from nearby tumors in the body. Massage and aromatherapy can be done by aromatic medicinal oils to clean the toxins present in and outside the body.

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