What are the cultural differences in cancer awareness and support?

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What are the cultural differences in cancer awareness and support?

QuestionsCategory: cancerWhat are the cultural differences in cancer awareness and support?
Arjun asked 8 months ago

Cancer- linked stigma and myths are large problems which are to be addressed, despite differences from one country to another. Stigmas regarding cancer provide the significant challenges for controlling cancer: stigma present around the people will have a silencing effect,by this efforts to increase awareness of cancer are negatively affected. 


The social, emotional, and financial devastation often accompanies the diagnosis of cancer in large part, being the presence of cultural myths and taboos around the disease.Fighting these stigma, myths, taboos, and overcoming silence will play crucial roles in altering this approach of conditional direction. There are various reasons that cancer is being stigmatized. 


Large category of people in our area identified cancer as a fatal disease. Symptoms  or affected body parts of the Cancer disease can develop stigma in the people's mind. Fears towards treatment will also increase the stigma. There was reported evidence of myths related to cancer, such as people have  a belief that cancer is contagious, or cancer can be looked at as a punishment. 


After assessing these various examples of cultural myths and taboos noticed in cancer care, we can list these lessons are learned: 

  • Cancer continues to give a significant amount of stigma, myths, and taboos around the world, but there are opportunities to realize on changing our perceptions and expect a positive change. 
  • Increased awareness on cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, and increased survival rate is to be given to the large scale of people  but still too many report that they feel ignorant when it comes to cancer. 
  • Communication is crucial in reducing the cancer-related stigma, increasing cancer awareness, and providing cancer education. People who are having a personal history of cancer notably well-known or celebrity survivors-and multiple mass media channels are key resources for providing the awareness to the people.
  • The system of school education has a great potential stage for providing cancer education, and increasing awareness of cancer among children will be a huge investment that gives high returns especially in young generation as we all know that ”Today's children are the tomorrow's citizen” 
  • People diagnosed with cancer around the world will expect the information and emotional support for themselves and  to their families. 
  • Consumption of tobacco use and having a diet with poor nutrition are extensively accepted as the cancer risks. We need specific programs and policies that will translate this awareness to the people into fast ways of action. 


The community of global cancer has to  capitalize on a positive direction with high aimed heights about awareness of cancer and can give advantage to develop, and propagate effective media campaigns and behavioral interventions to reduce the frequency of morbidity and mortality related to cancer.

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