What are the main doubts of a cancer patient?

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What are the main doubts of a cancer patient?

QuestionsCategory: cancerWhat are the main doubts of a cancer patient?
deeraj asked 8 months ago

Cancer is a disease of mixture of emotions when a person knows for the first time.

Common doubts will come into the patient mind are:


Doubts on disease 

What is the stage of cancer?

What is the location of cancer?

Is it curable?

Why do I get cancer?

What are the reasons by which I had cancer?

What are the symptoms for my cancer?

Can I be able to prevent the symptoms?

Will my cancer repeat after the treatment?


Doubts on types of treatments

Which place or location will provide the best treatment?

Are there any ayurvedic treatments available for my cancer?

Is allopathy best for the treatment?

What are the treatment options for my cancer?


Doubts on Personal & family

How to continue my work with cancer?

Can I spend good time with my family?

How far does it affect my sexual life?

What is the most probable lifespan I will have?

How will the needs of  my children's education be met ?

How is the state of my children and family without me?

Can I follow any spiritual methods for quality of life?


Doubts on diagnosis

What are the tests to diagnose?

How will I have to prepare for tests?

Can I go for a second opinion on tests?

How many times can I go for the tests?


Doubts on services

How am I able to get the services during treatment?

Can I get a nurse or caregiver for my home treatment?

Is my medical insurance suitable for cancer treatment?

Will there be any help from the government or NGO for my treatment?

How can I meet the financial needs of my treatment?



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