What are the treatment options for cancer?

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What are the treatment options for cancer?

QuestionsCategory: cancerWhat are the treatment options for cancer?
Rithvik asked 4 months ago
What are the treatment options for cancer?

1 Answers
Dr. Bommu Venkateshwara Reddy Staff answered 4 months ago

In the vast aspects of treating cancer, various methods come together, like surgery, chemotherapy, precise radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and hormone therapy adjusting hormonal levels. Ayurveda, an alternative approach, is used with standard treatments, creating a complementary combination.


Under the broad umbrella of conventional cancer treatments:



Surgically navigating the intricacies of cancer involves the expert removal of malignant tumors or afflicted tissues. It serves as a backbone for solid tumor management, integral to diagnostic, staging, and palliative care considerations.



Chemotherapy helps to prevent rapidly dividing cancer cells. Administered through oral or intravenous routes, its efficacy with the specific cancer type under is considered.


Radiation Therapy:

Radiation therapy helps to destroy or weaken cancer cells. This can happen from outside the body or by placing something inside to target specific areas affected by cancer.



Immunotherapy conducts a symphony, reforming the body's immune forces to discern and attack cancer cells. It helps to be ready to recognize and attack cancer cells. There are different parts to this treatment such as CAR T-cell therapy, immune checkpoint inhibitors, and cancer vaccines.


Targeted Therapy:

Targeted therapy embarks on a molecular journey, focusing on specific elements twist together in cancer's growth. The interference disrupts designated proteins or pathways, elegantly minimizing collateral damage to healthy cells.


Hormone Therapy:

It is used for the cancers that react to the hormones such as breast and prostate cancer. It arranges a strategic blockade or interference with hormones propelling certain tumor types.


The realm of complementary and alternative therapies:



The ancient system of medicine from India, Ayurveda helps to balance your mind, body and spirit. It uses herbal medicines, and detoxifies with panchakarma. Meditation and Yoga helps to feel better. Specific herbs such as turmeric and ashwagandha, are believed to hold anti-cancer properties.


Mind-Body Techniques:

The practices of meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation constitute a therapeutic combination aimed at gracefully lowering the curtain on stress and elevating emotional well-being during the process of cancer treatment.


Nutritional Therapies:

Dietary systems and nutritional supplements may sway into the performance, supporting the immune system and overall health. A nutritional therapy however, necessitates consultation with healthcare professionals.

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