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What Causes Lung Cancer?

QuestionsWhat Causes Lung Cancer?
Dr. Bommu Venkateshwara Reddy Staff asked 8 months ago




Lung cancer, a type of cancer which starts in lungs. Two lungs are present in the chest cavity  which has spongy tissue that helps in the respiration. Respiration is a process that helps in exchange of gasses through inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. This is the important process by which energy is being produced from all the cells using oxygen.


Lung cancer’s death fatalities are the most among all cancers worldwide. Smoking has the greatest risk of lung cancer even though lung cancer also occurs to the people who did not smoke. 


Causes of Lung Cancer:


Doctors believe that smoking will damage the cells in the lungs. Carcinogens (cancer causing substances) present in the cigarette will be able to change the lung tissues at once.


Initially our body tries to repair the damage, but with each repeated exposure, normal cells that line the lungs are increasingly damaged. The damage to the cells acts abnormally and finally cancer may develop.


Most prominent causes are listed below;


Smoking: Smoking is the most affected reason for lung cancer. It accounts for 90% of all cases. Passive smoking is another dependent factor for lung cancer and other illnesses.


Radon: Radon is radioactive gas present in soil which are  colorless and odorless 


Hazardous chemicals: Exposure to asbestos, uranium, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, nickel, and petroleum products cause lung cancer 


Particle pollution: Exposure to the pollution of the air with dust and exhaust smoke


Genes: Genetic changes in an organism and previous family history of lung cancer


These are the causes of lung cancer by which humans are affected. So, people try to avoid the above mentioned streams to prevent the chances of lung cancer as lung cancer is the most affected cancer all over the world.


Ayurvedic practices are well known to the world population in improving the quality of life by implementing yoga, meditation, pranayama breathing exercises to enhance the energy driven process to our body. Various rasayanas and alkaline water were consumed to improve the immunity so that damage can be reduced from nearby tumor in the body.

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ravindher answered 8 months ago
smocking and dust particles may cause it

justwrite180@gmail.com answered 8 months ago

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