What is the role of technology in advancing cancer welfare efforts?

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What is the role of technology in advancing cancer welfare efforts?

QuestionsCategory: cancerWhat is the role of technology in advancing cancer welfare efforts?
Dhanya rajesh asked 8 months ago
What is the role of technology in advancing cancer welfare efforts?
Dr. Bommu Venkateshwara Reddy Staff replied 8 months ago

Advancement in cancer research is possible with the innovation of technological advances which give a great breakthrough. The technology helps to find, visualise, understand, and in cancer treatment. Exploration of these technologies accelerates the progress of cancer welfare efforts.

CRISPR; A tool of gene editing
CRISPR is a gene editing tool that revolutionised cancer research and care
It helps in quick and easy changing of the genetic code of living cells.

CRISPR works similar to a pair of scissors which precisely, insert, delete, and edit specific bits of DNA inside cells
Artificial Intelligence; Computer programming that improves cancer diagnosis, drug development, and precision medicine
Artificial Intelligence, a programming of a computer to act, learn and reason. It helps in finding patterns in large amounts of data, which is extremely helpful in scientific research.

It helps in analysing the imaging data and electronic health records to help patients welfare. It quickly analyses the population-related cancer data and assess the probability of various cancers
Telehealth; Navigating the cancer care, treatment, and clinical trials to the doors of the patient
Various health care organisations participate in telehealth practices to cater the treatment of cancer patients and remote cancer care. These organisations provide safety and convenience for patients and caregivers across the country.
Care is achieved by using telehealth for remote monitoring of health and video visits.
Cryo-EM; Developing high-resolution images, determines the behaviour of molecules that helps in cancer treatment
Cryo-Electron microscopy helps in  capturing images of molecules which are ten-thousandths the width of a human hair, at high  resolutions. It was not possible decades ago.

This technique helps in better understanding how  the cancer cells will survive, develop and interact with therapies and other cells.

Infinium Assay; Generating key insights of genetic variations that relates to cancer
Infinium assay is a genotyping technology which reads and compares the genes across different people. It is a process in which a set of tools analyses several millions of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that are the most common type of genetic variation.
SNPs help in mapping genes that cause cancer and generate insights of cancer risk, progression, and development.
Robotic Surgery; Adopting robotic arms to conduct precise surgeries to remove cancer that are minimally invasive
Robotic surgery can make possible the speed of recovery and early return to normal life. Robotic surgeries proved that blood loss and pain is reduced compared to normal surgeries.

Technological advances in cancer treatment and care gives a better approach in management of symptoms, conducting surgeries and providing cancer care to patients’ doorstep.

Advances of technology in ayurvedic treatment improves the various formulations, inclusion of art, music and aesthetic therapy leads a great deal of quality of life to the cancer patients.

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