What support services are available for cancer patients and their families?

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What support services are available for cancer patients and their families?

QuestionsCategory: cancerWhat support services are available for cancer patients and their families?
Divya asked 8 months ago

Diagnosis with cancer feels like the entire world has been upside down. Patients are in an emotional turmoil and at once they may feel shock, disbelief, anxiety, fear of death and the ‘why me’ question.


Cancer is a life threatening disease which may feel exhausting, overwhelming and isolating all at once. The treatment is painful for the body and the entire experience  is emotionally draining.


Along with the treatment and proper medical care, patients need a lot of emotional support. Here, cancer support groups play a major role in dealing the emotional burden in patients and their caregivers.


Impact of cancer support groups:


  • Cancer support groups behave like a surrogate family to create a good space for patients to discuss their concerns and emotions without any hesitation.
  • Involvement of cancer support groups and cancer survivors, patients don't feel as they are not alone and can think they can able to defeat the disease 
  • Coping, healing and recovering process is crucial in patients with the help of collective experience delivered by survivors and cancer support groups
  • As the emotional healing and psychological healing is not an overnight step, it needs a lot of sessions to improve their mental and emotional health better.
  • Support is to be given for the caregivers also, as they impacted a lot with treatment for their loved ones. They also need a emotional support 


Most prominent cancer support groups providing a commendable job for the comfort of patients and caregivers are;


Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA)

CPAA is a non-profit organization that has counseling cells at hospitals across MUmbai. It extends support to socio-economically under privileged cancer patients. 


UGAM by Indian Cancer Society 

UGAM is one of the units of Indian Cancer Society, a voluntary support group for childhood cancer survivors.

UGAM means ‘To Rise’ that the group helps cancer survivors do - to rise from obstacles of cancer and celebrate the life once again 

Nanavati Max Saathi:

Nanavati Ma Saathi is a support group programme from Nanavati Max super speciality hospital. This group provides support to the cancer patients to cope with emotional aspects of disease from cancer survivors interaction

V Care Foundation:

V Care Foundation is a 28 year old NGO provides free medical, nutritional, financial and emotional support to the cancer patients 


PInk Hope Patient Support Group:

Five breast cancer survivors initiated this support group to help women diagnosed with breast cancer to overcome the fear of the disease. This support group is under the part of the HCG Foundation, a non-profit HCG initiative which is a South Asia’s largest cancer care network  


Institute for Psychological Health (IPH)

IPH gives support not only to the cancer care patients but also to the caregiver support 


Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital 

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital has a division dedicated for cancer support group coping the treatment and diagnosis of cancer patients


Apollo Cancer Support Group 

Apollo Cancer Support Group  is launched by Apollo Hospitals for colorectal cancer patients and their caregivers to share their journey of challenges, opinions and treatment plans.


Cancer Winner’s Club by Sankalp Beautiful World

Sankalp Beautiful World, a NGO in India for cancer patients established a cancer support group called Cancer Winner’s Club. cancer survivors in this group who diagnosed recently will give encouragement to multiple local support groups  


Battling cancer is a formidable journey, but with the help of support groups, patients are able to cope with emotional side effects of the disease with a hopeful approach.

Availing this support from above mentioned support groups, if any of family or friend had diagnosed with cancer and spread the word and let them know about cancer support groups and volunteering opportunities

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