New Formula For Anti-Cancer Drug-V2S2 in Ayurveda Is Under Trial !

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New Formula For Anti-Cancer Drug-V2S2 in Ayurveda Is Under Trial !

Recently Jaipur-based NIA-National Institute of Ayurveda vice chancellor Dr. Snjeev Sharma said that “they formulated an Ayurvedic drug called V2S2 in which the anti-carcinogenic properties are discovered predominantly. He also reported that this drug effectively increases the immunity power of the patients.

Already preliminary tests and trials are going at Tata Memorial hospitals in Mumbai, so depending on the results projected by the tata memorial hospitals, trials on humans will be done by NIA and Jammu and Kashmir AYUSH Department.

Overview of Formula V2S2

This Ayurvedic Drug is the hydro-alcoholic extract of various medicinal plants and Ayurvedic herbs known for their time-tested, effective medicinal properties. Laboratory investigations have previously established its anti-carcinogenic qualities. It has also been effective at enhancing immunity and halting the spread of cancer cells. It has now been agreed upon to do official in-vivo testing.

This drug is still under clinical trials, but the government’s initiation is appreciable why Ayurveda is one of our country’s most valuable ethical assets. Gradually, its existence and importance are decreasing, so preserving its legacy and giving to future generations is essential.

This is the first attempt in Ayurveda to fight the dreaded disease that is spreading across the country. We hope such research and developments can be done more and more to research the best Ayurvedic medicine for people from the lowest levels of society.

Let’s Understand an In Vivo Test

Drug Discovery, research, and Development is a long process that goes through several phases, often taking over a decade. The procedure entails many in vitro and in vivo experiments to examine the proposed drug’s effectiveness and toxicity. 

In vivo can be understood as “in the living or within the living,” So it conveys that it is performed within the body of a living model. In vivo models include animals, rodents, monkeys, rabbits, or other complex mammals. This is the most critical process for Drug Discovery, as it reflects the effect of the different compounds on complete and complex organisms such as animals.

These models are used for in vivo experiments because of their solid genetic closeness to humans, which preserves the majority of biological pathways and also contains the complexity of the entire animal, which is lost in vitro research, making the effects more transferrable.

However, innovative alternative models are being employed more and more to conduct in vivo studies since there is a rising push from many organizations and governing agencies to abandon animal experimentation following the other medical philosophy. We will look at how Zebrafish transform both practical and preclinical in vivo investigations later in this piece.


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