Herbal Fairness Cream

Herbal Fairness Cream



Product Description:

Bommu Herbals Fairness cream is a beautiful ayurvedic formulation cream made of natural herbal extracts and is most useful for glowing and fair skin. Herbal creams contain natural ingredients that may slough off the dead skin cells and promote a brighter complexion. Herbal fairness cream contains zero to negligible chemical elements, and therefore, they’re very safe to use.

Bommu’s Fairness Cream is an associated Ayurvedic formulation of ingredients that will improve skin health and look—suggested as an associate degree Ayurvedic topical application to reinforce (strengthen) the skin’s glow, texture, and complexion.

The Ayurvedic ingredients used in this cream are for the rejuvenation of the skin tissues.

What are the factors that affect and cause dull complexion?

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. So, it has smart sensing. Your skin looks a touch underneath the weather. The trick is to work out why and what you’ll be able to do to vary that.

Dirt, dry weather, harsh winds, and sun exposure will adversely affect the skin, particularly unprotected. Environmental factors like these will strip its natural wet skin, making it look uninteresting, rough, and flakey.

What is Rose, and how does it improve skin tone and complexion?

Rose helps maintains the skin pH balance and controls excess oil. Roses have been a beautiful face component for centuries, so no surprise, they’re going to improve your complexion and reduce skin redness. It also has several antibacterial properties that contribute to acne and puffiness reduction.

What is Haldi, and how does its use affect complexion?

Haldi brings natural nourishment to the skin with the combination of enriched herbal goodness with Vitamin E. Designed with eternal tips, Bommu’s Fairness cream has been using natural ingredients that contain skin-whitening causes that make the skin fair most naturally. Haldi helps in slowing down the skin’s pigmentation process. Made with advanced ayurvedic whitening technology, Haldi also nourishes the skin and makes it appear young and radiant.

What is Saffron, and how does its use affect complexion?

Saffron is a natural ingredient. Saffron is rich in Vitamin E, which also serves as a skin-lightening agent, ensuring adequate nourishment. Saffron has a skin-whitening agent. Saffron prevents skin pigmentation and makes the skin look bright in the most natural way.

What is a sandal, and how does its use affect complexion?

Sandalwood is an Ayurvedic ingredient used in the past to boost the skin’s glow and supply relief from conditions like skin disorders, psoriasis, wounds, and ulcerations. It is a powerful all-in-one answer to all or any skin problems!

What is Manjishtha, and how does its use affect complexion?

Manjishtha has good color or complexion properties, improving your complexion and building it lustrous (shines brightly and gently). This plant area unit’s powder dry root stem mixed with honey and applied to erase dark spots and provide you with an even-toned complexion.

Manjishtha herb is used internally and outwardly on the skin to promote skin change of color. Applying Manjishtha powder with honey (at least 2-3 times a week) helps manage the disease of the skin and pimples by inhibiting the expansion of acne-causing bacterium because of its inhibitor property.

What is Nagakesara, and how does its use affect complexion?

Nagakesara herb has the following benefits for the skin: It has astringent (serving) properties that make it a beneficial herb to heal acne and blemishes that are often the result of oily and pigmented skin. Nagakesara will help to minimize the open pores and clarifies the skin for an even-toned and glowing complexion.

About the Product:

  • Bommu Herbals fairness cream increases the radiance of the skin.
  • It keeps the skin well moisturized by providing a glow from inside.
  • Bommu’s fairness cream contains quality ingredients to prevent skin condition and makes skin symptom free.
  • It makes the skin soft and swishes to eliminate any bumps or impurities on the skin.
  • No chemicals, used during this product.
  • A distinctive active fairness treatment that imparts instant fairness
  • Reduces dark spots, Blemishes and instantly tones up the skin
  • Provides a natural glow even in winters
  • It contains a natural skin lightening agent
  • Rich in Vitamin-E and Saffron
  • Bommu’s Herbals fairness cream brings natural light to the skin with no damage.
  • Bommu Herbal fairness contains rose, Haldi, Saffron, Manjishtha, Nagakesara, and wood extracts.
  • Slows down the skin pigmentation methodology
  • Bommu’s fairness cream has Vitamin-C sections that protect the skin from pollution.
  • It fights common skin-related issues.
  • It reduces skin scars, marks, fine lines, dark circles and makes instance glow.
  • ISO & GMP certified
  • 25yrs of expertise in Ayurveda


Natural ingredients used in this cream are Rose, Haldi, Saffron, Sandal, Manjishtha, and Nagakesara.


Regular use of this herbal fairness cream gives a natural glow on your face and protects you from sunlight and pollution.


Store in a cool and dry place

For external use only

Legal Disclaimer:

The Declaration regarding these ayurvedic products is not commendable to use without a prescription. We recommend you consult a physician according to your query. The company will not be liable for any neglect.


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