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Sreekanth _ Bladder Cancer Survior _ Testimonial

Srikanth Bladder Cancer Survivor Story

Sreekanth _ Bladder Cancer Survior _ Testimonial

This is a story of Mr. Srikant.


Mr. Srikant is a resident of Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh. Mr. Srikant is settled in Africa because of his business. He used to run his own business in both India and Africa. He would occasionally travel to India to look after his family. He used to manage two businesses in Africa and India and lead a prosperous life. 


In Mr. Srikant’s life, there are four people who respect and admire him because he used his business to help them advance their professions.


As an unanticipated spike, Bladder Cancer struck at him just when he believed things would go smoothly. 


According to Mr. Srikant, “the disease made him move around the hospitals leaving the business aside.”


Let’s now fully understand the various challenges Mr. Srikant experienced in his quest to return to a normal life following his cancer diagnosis.

When it came to how it all began, he discovered that occasionally there was blood in the pee; perhaps this was the result of heating. He visited his granddaughter in India one day. He therefore visited the hospital for a general health examination when he arrived in India. Following every examination, the physicians verified the presence of bladder cancer.


Mr. Srikant and his family members were shocked when they heard about Bladder Cancer. Those who usually think that the blood in the urine is due to heating, suddenly got some kind of fear when they came to know that it was bladder cancer.

Mr. Srikanth was informed by the doctors there that his bladder cancer had progressed past the second stage. Furthermore, they advised that surgery be performed in order to remove the bladder tumors. 


He had surgery with the belief that everything would work out if he followed the physicians’ instructions. But there was no money generated.


The issues resurfaced as usual, and doctors recommended removing the bladder entirely because the malignancy was likely to spread. 


Mr. Srikant began to experience persistent depression. However, he refused to consent to the bladder removal. His bravery and conviction that he would not be defeated by cancer brought him to Punarjan Hospital.


Mr. Srikant approached Punarjan Ayurveda (having a record of providing positive results with cancer) after watching online videos of survivor patients, which served as role models for cancer patients.

Despite Srikanth’s unwavering will to battle cancer, his family was experiencing some mental turmoil due to his suffering.


“What’s wrong, it will decrease” was the courage bestowed upon Mr. Srikant’s family members, by the doctors of Punarjan Ayurveda. Punarjan specializes in strengthening mental strength prior to initiating treatment.


Their assurance inspired Mr. Srikant to take the medication. After using the medication for just six months, his family members saw a positive improvement. After a while, Mr. Srikanth got back to his usual self and traveled to Africa once more to carry on with his business.


As previously stated, it is not an exaggeration to state that Punarjan Ayurveda has maintained its integrity, and Mr. Srikanth, who came before us and shared his experience, is the best person to attest to this.


Mr. Srikanth, who came to testify to all of us after getting a better result for cancer stated, “After using medicines in Punarjan, I have returned to a normal state. It is also affordable to the middle class compared to other cancer treatments. Moreover, there are no side effects from this medicine. I fully believe that this disease will not repeat again.” Moreover, he expressed his happiness saying that he has truly been reborn as per his name, thanks to Punarjan who has done such a great good.


Mrs. Srikanth said, “We noticed changes within a month after using Punarjan’s medicines. That change kept us on medication for six months. Thank you Punarjan for normalizing my husband to go back to Africa for business.”


Ayurveda has the ability to remove the disease from its roots without causing any side effects. Punarjan Ayurveda is dedicated to providing treatment with the best medical system.


Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital offers the best treatment for cancer without any side effects using Rasaya Ayurveda which is known as divine medicine in Ayurveda.


Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital aims to erase the shadow of cancer from the lives of countless cancer sufferers and create a society free of cancer by proving that cancer remains an unsolved mystery in the lives of everyday individuals.


Health is a great blessing, Ayurveda is divine medicine.

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