Journey of Microplastics to Human brain


Microplastics are the tiny particles of plastics that are of less than 5 mm of size and it is a great concern now and then to the environment.

Entry into the Human Body 

Micro plastics enters the human body through skin contact, contaminated soil, food, water, and air.

Key Findings from a Recent Study 

Researchers detected traces of microplastics in the serum, brain, liver, kidneys and colon tissues.

Final Inference 

Microplastics can travel into organs in the body through our digestive tract or gut. 

What can Microplastics Cause Us?

Act as endocrine disruptors and can cause inflammation, loss of brain cells and communication among neurons. 

Health Issues 

Harmful chemicals from Microplastics may develop weight gain, insulin resistance, low reproductive health, fertility issues, metabolic disorders and cancer.

Sources of Microplastics 

77% of microplastics are from households and other from cosmetics, textiles and industries.

Precautionary Steps 

– Avoid usage of plastics  – Stop the use of plastic in the microwave – Avoid styrofoam cups for tea and coffee  – Stop using unprocessed sea salt 

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