Milk vs Eggs

Which is best?

Let's clear the debate of never ending comparison of milk and egg.


Nutrition Menu of Milk

Energy - 150 calorie Carbohydrates - 12g  Protein - 8g  Fat-  8g Sugar - 12g Water - 88%

Bone Health 

Excellent source of calcium, which is crucial for bone health and muscle function.

Rich in protein

Milk has B2 and B12 vitamins.  Minerals like calcium and phosphorus. 


Nutrition Menu of Egg

Energy - 77 calorie Carbohydrates - 1g  Protein - 6g  Fat-  5g Saturated fat- 1.6g

Vitamins and Minerals  

Egg rich in vitamins such as B1, B2, B5 and B12  

Rich in protein

High-quality protein source, containing all essential amino acids.


There is More calcium in milk than eggs.  Higher dietary cholesterol in eggs than milk. Boiled egg has less calories than fried egg and omelette.


Final call 

In terms of which is "best," it depends on individual dietary needs and preferences. One glass of milk  and 2-3 eggs a day gives good health.  Vegetarians can skip eggs as per their interest.

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