Nutritional Power of Jackfruit  

A Guide to Its Health Benefits

By: Dr. BVR 

Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that is  available in most of the summer months known for its delicacy with texture, sweet taste and  distinct aroma.  


Health benefits

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Nutrient Pool  

Rich source of protein, fiber, A, B & C vitamins and minerals of magnesium, copper and potassium.  

Controls Blood Sugar  

Fiber in jackfruit makes slow paced travel of food in the intestine controls blood sugar and renders good absorption. 

Heart Health

Potassium and magnesium levels in jackfruit controls blood pressure and so maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol can give us good heart health.  


Powerhouse of antioxidants like carotenoids and ascorbic acid (Vitamin-C) prevents heart and eye issues. 

Weight Management 

Good fiber and low glycemic index can help in weight management.

Bone Health 

Magnesium in jack fruit helps in calcium absorption and supports good bone health.  

Immune Booster  

Vitamin C and A provide the best immune system that protects against infections.  

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