Benefits of taking  One Spoon of Ghee  on Empty Stomach

Ghee has a healthy form of fat which gives most health benefits. Let us debunk their benefits.

Enhances Digestion 

Stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes and helps in proper digestion.

Weight Loss 

Ghee has conjugated linoleic acid that controls fat deposits and helps in weight loss by building lean muscle mass.  

Nurtures Brain 

Ghee gives nutrients to the body that maintains brain cells and gives us better cognitive function and improves memory.  

Immune Booster 

Butyric acid in ghee can improve gut microbiome and by enhancing immunity that protects against infections. 


Removes toxins from the body and supports a natural detoxification process that gives complete health.  

Hormone Balance

Ghee regulates the production of hormones in the body and prevents hormonal imbalances. It alleviates pain during menstrual times. 

Bone Health  

Omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids in ghee lowers inflammation in joints that gives us joint health. 

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