Pancreatic Cancer Survivor story

Nerella Buchayya

Profile & Symptoms 


Buchaiah’s initial abdominal distress was thought to be a typical stomach issue. The pain’s severity and persistence grew over time. His unfamiliarity with the onset of pancreatic cancer hid a far more critical issue.

A Journey Through Uncertainty

He suffered from fever and stomach ache for months. The pain was so acute and such a hell, that many times he used to think I would rather die than to live a regretful life like this.

Doctor Guide

The delayed diagnosis was a devastating, revealing third-stage pancreatic cancer. Doctors strongly advise chemotherapy as the optimal course of action. The distressing effects of chemotherapy on fellow patients, including hair loss and extreme weakness.

The Power Of Rasayana Ayurveda

The impact of Punarjan Ayurvedic Medicine on Buchaiah was nothing short of profound. With these Ayurvedic treatments, his strength and appetite saw a marked improvement. He started to feel better only four months into his treatment, which marked a positive turn in his health.

A Message Of Hope

As a shining example of holistic healing, Buchaiah stands tall. His ardent endorsement of Punarjan Ayurveda Medicine is matched only by his conviction in its transformative powers. Unwavering faith fuels his determination to encourage others to consider Ayurveda, a holistic approach that not only aids physical recovery but also strengthens the spirit to fight cancer.

Nerella Buchayya

Let me know if you think; this would be helpful story and step towards spreading awareness and educate people about cancer.