The Full Story of  Vitamin - C 

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Chemically called L-Ascorbic acid. Most important water soluble vitamin.  As per data, 70% of people are having Vitamin-C deficiency across the world.

Vitamin C, once known for preventing scurvy among sailors, was isolated in 1928 by Albert Szent-Györgyi, revolutionizing understanding of its vital role in human health.


Food Source

Fruits Guava Black currant Grape Strawberry Kiwi  Papaya Vegetables  Red bell pepper Broccoli  Cauliflower Kale Brussel sprouts 

Trivial fact  

Vitamin-C is heat-sensitive It decomposes when cooked at high temperatures. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Daily intake   

Men needs 90 mg per day. Women needs 75 mg per day.  

Vitamin-C Benefits 

Vitamin C Essential for collagen synthesis, immune function, and antioxidant protection, promoting overall health and vitality. 

Deficiency of vitamin-C

Scurvy Pernicious anemia  Weak bones  Poor immunity  Delay in wound healing  Skin damage

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