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Esophageal Cancer

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Best Esophageal Cancer Treatment Hospitals in Bangalore

Check out the Best Esophageal Cancer Treatment Hospitals in Bangalore for their unique contribution to new approaches to integrative cancer care.

Our research lies in the ancient secrets of Rasayana Ayurveda and the unique way we blend them with modern science. That’s how we develop a holistic way of offering the Best Esophageal Cancer Treatment through “Punarjan Therapy” to follow “Integrative Cancer Care.”

“Our recipes are exact and are made to fit each patient.”

97% of our patients are happy with Punarjan Ayurveda and have helped more than lakh happy patients so far. To do this, we provide regular guidance, both online and offline. It’s what we’ve been doing continuously! Come along with us on this responsible journey!

Why Choose Punarjan Ayurveda hospitals For Esophageal Cancer Treatment

Did you come across anyone who is diagnosed with esophageal cancer? Now you have to know how to treat this situation in the best way. No matter what, Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals For Esophageal Cancer Treatment is a place you can trust. In a unique, painless, and effective way, our Punarjan Therapy can fight this cancer.

Punarjan states that cancer affects more than one’s body. Hence, our treatment is tailored for the holistic recovery of the person. It supports the body’s natural defense mechanism, i.e., immunity, to fight cancer. But at the same time, we help the patient with their nutrition along with the care team so they can feel genuinely well. Rasayana Ayurveda medicines are at the heart of our treatment. Special herbs, earth minerals, and other ingredients are used to make these.

How Do They Work?

They work from the cause to the symptom. Our formulations work on the body’s immune system. In addition, they reduce the tumor and eliminate toxins from the body. In this way, they create an environment for healing. Many patients feel better after a few weeks and can do their daily routine energetically.

Our Ayurveda experts will help you with the right diet plan. This is important for people with esophagus cancer who might have trouble gulping. We suggest yoga poses, breathing exercises, and effective changes in their lifestyle at the same time. These habits help to ease stress and improve well-being in general.

We at Punarjan ayurveda understand that cancer impacts one’s emotions, too. Our patient counselors help them with emotional support and healing.

People choose Punarjan because of its practical and affordable treatment. Our Ayurvedic treatment costs are comparatively lower than those of other treatments. We also put a lot of value on caring for each person individually. The best results and a smoother healing process are possible with this one-of-a-kind method.

Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals are the best place to go if you want a unique, effective, and all-around answer for treating esophageal cancer. Our unique blend of Ayurvedic knowledge, modern medicine, and empathy can help you get better and heal.

Types Of Esophageal Cancer

Esophageal cancer is one of the prevalent cancers in the present day and if not identified early, it can be very difficult to treat. People ought to be aware that this cancer comes in two main types.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma-SCC

These respective cells lie in the inside part of the throat as flat and thin cells. This is the type of cancer that is common in most people around the world. It starts in the squamous cells, most of the time in the middle and upper part of the gastro esophageal region.


This starts in various cells. For example, the lower part of the throat has mucus cells. In these epithelial cells, adenocarcinoma grows. 

Less Common Types:

As we probably are aware, the most widely recognized kinds of esophageal cancers are the above two. However, there are other types that happen on rare occasions. Lymphoma, sarcoma, and minor cell cancer are some of them. However, these are not really common as the above. 

Both the above mentioned cancers spread in the same way. The cancerous tumor may spread beyond the esophagus wall if it is not treated on time. It can also grow into the stomach or upwards toward the throat. The cancer might spread to local lymph nodes as well.

Remember This:

Esophageal cancer can develop in various cells.  That is why we have classified it into two main groups: SCC and adenocarcinoma.

The risk factors for each type can be different. Adenocarcinoma is bound to occur in individuals who smoke or drink liquor.  But GERD and Barrett’s throat might occur in individuals who don’t smoke or drink. 

Esophageal cancer comes in a lot more types, despite being less common. Our expert doctors at Punarjan ayurveda hospitals can deal with your concerns regarding this cancer as we have a successful track record in treating cancer with Rasayana Ayurveda. Early detection is important for treatment to work better. The key is getting checked regularly if you have disturbing symptoms. Listen to your body and see a specialist immediately.

Immunotherapy Treatment For Esophageal Cancer

Early detection of esophageal cancer can save lives. Be proactive, stay vigilant, and fight with courage and strength. Punarjan stands out with its unique Ayurveda Immunotherapy Treatment for Esophageal Cancer, a comprehensive and effective approach that sets us apart.

This unique method restores and boosts immunity to help the body fight cancer. In the first place, Ayurveda is based on intrinsic cellular biology. Our goal is to strengthen the body’s immunity from the inside out with the Rasayanas, a unique natural compound. These are made with some very rare minerals and herbs. Traces of gold, copper, etc., in our medicines, along with phytochemicals—can detoxify the body.

Rasayana ayurveda also balances the immune system and changes the way it works. In other words, they help keep the body’s defense system stable to work better. By doing so, a number of patients with acute esophageal tumors reported having a much better life after starting Rasayana ayurveda treatment.

Punarjan’s Approach to Cancer Treatment:

At Punarjan, Rasayana Ayurveda treatment is not just about treating cancer and also providing a holistic strategy that takes into account every facet of one’s life. Individualized, easy-to-digest diet plans are provided by our therapists. Because it is very important for people with esophageal cancer who frequently have trouble eating. We also offer simple health tips for overall well-being, promoting a calm and healthy lifestyle. This comprehensive approach ensures the cells are nourished, aiding in the recovery.

Detoxification is another crucial part. Our herbal medicines eliminate toxins in the body and stop cancer growth. Understand that Ayurvedic cancer treatment is based on immunology, and it does not cause any unwanted side effects. There is no harm in using them, and they guide the body’s natural defense to heal itself. Punarjan therapy is an integrative approach merging ancient and modern systems that adapt to each patient’s needs.

Choosing Punarjan Therapy from Punarjan ayurveda hospitals will be a life changing option for treating esophageal cancer that will work to make you better and stay healthy in the long run.

Rasayana Ayurveda Treatment For Esophageal Cancer

Knowing what Rasayana Ayurveda Treatment For Esophageal Cancer is can help you understand a lot. Our safe treatment structure protects the body from side effects.  Now, your body’s immune system can easily be enhanced to fight malignancy. 

Punarjan Therapy: 

Brainchild of Punarjan ayurveda is Punarjan therapy is a part of Ayurveda immunotherapy, using Rasayanas blends such as herbs, earth minerals, and phytochemicals. Natural substances are mixed to make these. Rasayanas have Rasa Bhasmas and Rasa Sindhooras that can boost the immune system. Mostly, they keep the immune system stable and working at its best.

Detoxing and lowering inflammation in the body is crucial to the treatment. This makes recovery possible faster. Our medicines have ingredients that control mutation and cancer spread. With the correct dose, tumor growth can be stopped before they get out of hand.

Rasayanas are vital in building the body’s defense system. So , the immune system can find and reduce cancer cells faster before they spread if it is more robust. After  the Punarjan therapy, patients get much more energy.

Rasayana ayurveda treatments at its core are meant to make the immune system stronger. This is one of the most essential parts of treating cancer. 

Supportive Treatments: 

For instance, our patient care team will guide the patients with the correct diet to promote the body’s healing processes to work better. They will also learn methods like pranayama and meditation that help the body and mind work together. The treatment plans are tailored to each patient’s unique mind-body makeup and type of cancer. This personalized method guarantees the best outcomes and a smooth path to recovery.  By all these, one’s body can fix itself faster with our personalized, all-around treatment method. 

Punarjan’s Rasayana ayurveda  treatment is 100% natural and doesn’t have any side effects. It is different from other treatment regimens with affordable cost. 

Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Complications Of Esophageal Cancer

Esophageal cancer is an extreme circumstance that influences the below the throat region. We must be familiar with the symptoms, causes, risk factors, and complications related to this cancer. 

To begin with, we should discuss the symptoms. The main symptom is having issues with gulping. The patient might feel like his chest or throat is stuck with food. There are other symptoms to consider, such as suddenly losing weight, an abnormal voice, and indigestion. For some people, chest pain is another problem that persists.

What causes esophageal cancer?


The main reason is having trouble swallowing regularly and for a long time. This happens if the person is suffering from indigestion. Lifestyle habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, or not eating properly may also affect. Additionally, people who already have Barrett’s throat are more likely to get this problem. The risk goes up if the person has heartburn or if they do not eat on time. Chemicals that are corrosive to the stomach can also cause this cancer.

What if you don’t treat esophageal cancer? 

Firstly, it can cause a lot of pain. As the cancer grows, it can make it hard for the throat to do its job. It will turn out to be extremely difficult to take in food and fluids. Thus, the growth could spread to different parts of the body like the liver, stomach, or lungs.


Over time, esophageal cancer patients experience unexplained issues with their weight and eating. This happens because the person can’t eat properly because of the blockage in the food pipe. The tumor weakens the immune system, which makes the body more likely to get weak.

The cancer can lead to draining in the throat or strange conditions called fistulas. These fistulas connect the throat to the windpipe or other organs, which makes things a lot more difficult.


To fix complications, early discovery is very important. Look out for signs like experiencing difficulty swallowing, weight loss, constant chest pain, or hoarse voice. Meet a specialist immediately if you find any of the above symptoms.

Regarding this, endoscopies, biopsies, and barium swallows are some of the tests that can be helpful at the moment. The most obvious opportunity with regards to recuperating from this cancer is to see it in its beginning phases.

It is better to be cautious if you find any strange signs, especially if any signs put you at risk. Do not wait to see an expert; we at punarjan ayurveda hospitals guide you in detecting and treating esophageal cancer early and help for a faster and better recovery.

Treatment Procedure For Esophageal Cancer At Punarjan

We offer an excellent and all-encompassing Treatment Procedure For Esophageal Cancer At Punarjan Ayurveda. Our way of Esophageal Cancer treatment was developed by Dr. Bommu Venkateswara Reddy, who blended Ayurveda concepts with modern science.

The Consultation:

The process starts with the patient’s diagnosis reports. Here, our skilled doctors will pay close attention to the cancer’s stage and type, then diagnose it with Nadi Pariksha. Once they understand the patient’s medical history, they will make a customized treatment plan.

Personalized Treatment Plan

As said above, once we have all the information we need, we will make a treatment plan that fits the needs. Herbal and Rasayana medicines, other treatments, and lifestyle changes are all part of this. We focus on strengthening the immune system  in the first place.

Rasayana Ayurveda Medicines

A very important part of the healing process is our Rasayana formulations. Rare herbs, minerals, and other compounds are used to make them. These help the body fight cancer by stimulating its immunity.

Changes in diet and lifestyle:

For recovery, a good food and way of life are essential. Our team will change your diet plan. We will also give you advice on how to make the changes to your living. You can feel better and get better faster if you eat the right things and make the right choices.

Support and monitoring

During the treatment, we offer follow-up. Regular follow-up visits make sure that the treatment is working. This helps make sure that the best end happens.

It’s also important to include practices like meditation and pranayam. These treatments help people become more energetic.

At Punarjan Ayurveda hospitals provide a calm and friendly environment for healing. Along with treating the cancer, we also focus on treating the whole person. Our patients get better and recover faster with this all-around approach.

If you know someone who is diagnosed with esophageal cancer, like a friend or family member, visit Punarjan Ayurveda hospitals. Our unique and effective way of fighting cancer can make you happy and lead a better life.

Esophageal Cancer Treatment Cost In Punarjan Hospital Bangalore

Finding out Esophageal cancer treatment costs can be upsetting all of a sudden. Here, we are going to talk about how much esophageal cancer Treatment at Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital in Bangalore costs.

Rasayana Ayurveda is our way! It is an ancient Indian medicine we prefer to help people with cancer. Our treatment is based on Immunology and it improves the body’s ability to heal itself. We work on holistic health while also treating cancer. It is important to remember that Ayurveda treatment works well with contemporary medicines. Our therapy works from the root of the problem. 

Getting Cost Information

With a long history in cancer treatment, Ayurvedic treatment plans are made to fit the needs of each person. The cost relies on factors such as consultation, treatment plan, duration of treatment. Overall the entire cost of the treatment is so much affordable compared to the conventional treatments. 

Importance of a Cost Estimate:

Cost assessment helps patients get ready and plan ahead. One can gather funds if they need to. Because they know beforehand, roughly what to expect. They can inquire about payment options, financial support programs, and other means of paying for healthcare. Without an estimate, these bills can make things distressing. Having cost details can give an opportunity to look at treatment options and compare them. But however, one needs to know the cost estimate in order to compare.

Also, the estimate takes into account additional costs along with direct treatment costs such as travel expenses, lodging, child care, missed work wages, and more. It is true that cancer influences the entire family financial plan – not simply hospital expenses. 

Most importantly, estimating cancer treatment cost prevents treatment delays due to financial concerns. Nobody should need to pursue that choice with their health on the line. Getting such an upfront outlook of finances can engage patients to get the esophageal cancer treatment they require.

Important Note

It is very important to talk to a doctor about all of your treatment choices, including the costs and possible benefits. Remember that the best way to fight esophageal cancer is to identify it early. 

We have tailored Punarjan Therapy for esophageal cancer with all natural remedies and rasayana formulations which are most affordable. Our treatment regime is simple and has no side effects or complications. To know more do not wait to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new cancer treatment for esophageal cancer?

Immunotherapy is the percent advancement in cancer cure, even for esophageal cancer. It will combat cancer cells with the help of the body’s own immune system. The improved immune system identifies and fights the cancer cells. These days immunotherapy has been promising to get better results in cancer care. Many patients have shown good responses with fewer side effects. Immunotherapy is still expensive. But it becomes more affordable over a period of time. Doctors believe it can transform esophageal cancer care.

My friend, treating esophageal cancer can be very expensive. The total costs depend on the treatments needed. At good hospitals, chemotherapy alone may cost 1-3 lakh rupees. Radiation therapy is around 2-4 lakh rupees. But surgery is the most costly – it can be 5-12 lakh rupees or more! Add other charges like doctor fees, room rent, medicines etc., and the full bill goes up further. For many families, these huge expenses are simply unaffordable. Unable to bear such heavy costs, some patients may even give up treatment midway. It is a major financial burden that adds to their suffering. Affordable care options are urgently needed.

Esophageal cancer is to be sure an intense condition. It influences the food pipe that goes from the mouth to the stomach. This disease can spread rapidly and become hazardous. It is one of the aggressive types of cancer. The symptoms are hard to identify from the beginning. When it is analyzed, the disease is frequently very progressed. Treatment is additionally very challenging and costly. The possibilities of effective treatment and endurance decline as the infection advances. Early detection provides the best hope. Yet, sadly, many cases are unnoticed until it is past the point of no return. Indeed, esophageal cancer is genuinely terrible for patients.

Yes, it can happen in some situations. Specialists might apply other treatments rather than surgery. They might use certain prescriptions to reduce the cancer cells. Some treatments use beams to stop spreading. Assuming the tumor is small, conventional treatments can remove it. Surgery is avoided if these treatments are successful. But surgery is still recommended for larger tumors or advanced cancer stages. The choice depends on the patient’s condition and cancer spread. Doctors explain the suitable options based on test reports. With or without surgery, treating this cancer is very difficult.

As soon as possible should be the time to start treatment if you have esophageal cancer. The best chance to fix a disease is to find it early. If you can’t swallow food or drinks, you should see a doctor right away. Loss of weight, lung pain, and coughing are some other warning signs. You must consult your primary care physician frequently assuming that you have heartburn or Barrett’s throat. Give close consideration to what your primary care physician says as you improve. Some people with esophageal cancer can beat it if they get it caught early and get the right care. But putting off treatment can make it impossible to cure. Quitting any habits of smoking and drinking, eat a nutritious diet and stay healthy can help you with cancer prevention.

Yes, of course it is possible! But the chances depend on the cancer stage. If detected very early, esophageal cancer is highly treatable. With timely surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, the patient can recover fully. However, in later stages when the cancer has spread, complete cure becomes difficult. Treatment then aims to control the disease and extend life. Some patients show no signs of cancer even after many years. But the risk of it returning is always there. Regular check-ups are crucial after recovery. Following a healthy lifestyle also reduces the chances of relapse. Early diagnosis gives the best opportunity for full recovery.

There are many hospitals with many types of treatments. There are even integrative approaches like Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy and Siddha. These doctors there have great experience in treating this cancer. They can offer all the required treatments integrated with modern ones. Modern hospitals use advanced techniques and equipment. This might give better chances of treatment. They also have supportive treatments to manage side effects. Top cancer hospitals are found in big cities. Getting treated at an expert center provides the highest quality care. This improves the chances of beating esophageal cancer.

The stage of esophageal cancer determines the initial treatment. For the beginning phase of cancer, surgery is in many cases the principal therapy. The tumor and the affected portion of the food pipe are surgically removed by doctors. Other contemporary therapies may be administered first in later stages. These treatments help make surgery more effective later on. Sometimes, chemo and radiation are combined before surgery. The treatment plan is decided based on the patient’s age, health condition, and cancer spread. Doctors carefully examine reports to recommend the suitable first treatment option.

After treatment for esophageal cancer, the quality of life can be affected. Patients may face eating difficulties if part of the food pipe was removed. They need to make dietary changes and eat smaller meals. Some patients use a feeding tube for nutrition. Frequent checkups are required to watch for cancer returning. Emotional stress and fatigue are also common after intensive treatment. However, many patients are able to resume normal activities over time. Proper care, rehabilitation and a positive mindset help in recovery. Support from family and counseling services can improve quality of life. With medical advances, more patients are living longer after this cancer. Maintaining hope and following advice aids their journey.