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Best Endometrial Cancer Treatment Hospitals in Hyderabad

Punarjan Cancer Hospitals uses the most up-to-date Ayurvedic methods to treat endometrial cancer successfully. Our medications will boost the immune systems, which will help the patients to fight endometrial cancer, no matter how bad it is. Our immunology-based Rasayana Ayurveda treatments are meant to make you feel better all around and help you get better at every stage. Many people agree that our facility is the Best endometrial cancer treatment hospitals in Hyderabad. Our success rate of 97% which is very high in the industry, and we have helped more than 100,000 people.

Why Choose Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals For Endometrial Cancer Treatment

Rasayana Ayurveda, which is based on immunology, is used in a new way at Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals. For more than 25 years, Punarjan has studied and researched Ayurveda. This has made this medical facility a well-known institute on the subject. We can greatly improve the health of our people by using this knowledge. Because our dedication to Ayurveda shows how much we care about the subject, we think we can give our people the best care possible.

Medical experts at Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital use nanoparticles that boost the immune system, also known as modern endometrial cancer treatment. This new plan guarantees that people will get the best results possible, which is great news. Additionally, our dedicated research team carefully looks into every case, which lets them create one-of-a-kind, personalized treatment plans. Through personalized strategies that take into account the patient’s current level of illness, we hope to not only find an answer but also build trust throughout the process.

To treat endometrial cancer, Punarjan’s medical team uses new technologies and formulas that are based on immunology. We provide a friendly environment, good diet recommendations, and mental health advice as the foundations of their method, which all support holistic treatment. We also improve health results by combining ideas from biology and Ayurveda. 

The doctors at Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital take care of all of their patients and do everything they can to get them interested and excited about taking part. We offer meeting choices that are both online and offline consultations and are easy to use. Our well-known medical staff works hard to stay in touch with their cancer patients so that they can continue their care and stress how important it is to be able to get information.

People who work as doctors at Punarjan Ayurvedic Hospitals are excited to talk about how Rasayana Ayurveda might improve people’s physical and mental health. The medical staff advises every patient to care for themselves, which is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. 

Types Of Endometrial Cancer

Endometrial neoplasm is a type of gynecological cancer that mainly arises from the endometrium, which is the inner lining of the uterus. It is broadly classified into two types: the Type I and Type II infection control taxonomies.

Type I endometrial cancer, which affects 80% of patients, is associated with a history of endometrial hyperplasia, a condition where cells in the endometrium become overgrown. This type is generally estrogen receptor-positive and is caused by increased estrogen level exposure, including obesity, early menarche, late menopause, and estrogen replacement therapy without progesterone. By location, endometroid carcinomas are the most common, primarily straining into Type I tumors and having a good prognosis. It can be noted that most of them are diagnosed early in the course of the disease since they present with symptoms of AUB, which makes women present themselves to the clinician.

Endometrial cancer can be type I, which makes up about three-quarters of cases. Type II, which makes up about a quarter of cases, is more severe. To tell it apart from Type I, Type II uterine cancer is not strongly linked to estrogen. Instead, it’s found in thin women who have gone through menopause, and it’s thought to have started with atrophic endometrium. Type II cancers are made up of serous carcinoma, clear cell carcinoma, and undefined carcinomas. Most of the time, these tumors are more dangerous, affect the myometrium more, and could spread to other parts of the body. Most of the time, Type II uterine cancer is found later than Type I because it has spread more. They feel worse about things because of this than Type I.

In summary, endometrial cancer comprises two main types: ER-positive, which has a more favorable prognosis, known as Type I, and Type II, which is ER-negative and occurs less frequently and is more aggressive. 

As per the medical experts at Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital, it is important to discern the differences between these types for proper management of endometrial cancer patients and to assess the prognosis of the disease.

Immunotheropy Treatment For Endometrial Cancer

The point of immunotherapy for endometrial cancer is to kill cancer cells tracked down inside the uterine covering. This approach is growing in popularity as it can precisely target cancer cells, surpassing the effectiveness of older treatments.

The Mechanism of Immunotherapy:

Immunotherapy is similar to having an outstanding ally in the fight against cancer. It’s important to note that, similar to cunning adversaries, cancer cells use proteins known as PD-1 and PD-L1 that target our immune system. But don’t worry! Immune checkpoint medications are the next step. You can count on them as friends to stop these sneaky proteins. They make our immune system much more alert, so it can find and kill those dangerous attackers. Scientifically, specialized medicines in immunotherapy have the ability to make the immune system strong. Our immune system holds immense potential for combating cancer and eradicating cancerous cells.

Application in Endometrial Cancer:

Quite possibly, immunotherapy with rasayana ayurveda could help you on the off chance that you have advanced or repeating endometrial cancer and different prescriptions have not worked. At the point when individuals with these kinds of cancer take immune checkpoint medications, their immune systems are better ready to find cancer cells that have a mismatch repair deficit or microsatellite instability-high.

Clinical Trials and Outcomes:

There have been positive results from clinical studies that have tested immunotherapy for endometrial cancer. According to the KEYNOTE-158 study, special medicines made it much more likely for MSI-H/dMMR endometrial cancer patients to have their tumors shrink. Also, scientists are looking into ways to make checkpoint inhibitors work better when used with other treatments like chemotherapy or targeted therapy. 

Challenges and Future Directions:

Even though there are still problems, such as the chance that the immune system will not work properly and the fact that reaction rates are hard to predict, immunotherapy gives people hope. Some of the things that are being studied right now are making combination medications that work better, looking into how resistance works, and finding signs that can predict reactions. 

It is important to remember that immunotherapy with Rasayana Ayurveda is a big step forward in the fight against endometrial cancer, especially when certain genetic profiles are present. Patients’ chances of survival and quality of life would both get better if it was improved and used more. Still, it needs to be looked into more and tested on people. 

Rasayana Ayurveda Treatment For Endometrial Cancer

Cancers of the lining of the uterus are called endometrial cancers. They happen to most women after menopause. As part of its full treatment plan, Rasayana Ayurveda, an old Indian medicine method, works to bring the body back into balance and make it stronger. Rasayana treatments are meant to make people healthy overall and improve their immune systems. It is very important to know that Ayurveda is not a replacement for normal cancer treatment. You can still take it with your daily medicine to lessen the bad affects and improve the good ones.  

Rasayana Ayurveda treatments for uterine cancer depend on the individual’s “prakriti,” or mentality, and any attributes that aren’t adjusted. While settling on a course of treatment, an Ayurvedic doctor thinks about the patient’s way of life, diet, mental and actual well-being.

A lot of the Rasayana treatment is made up of herbs and combinations like turmeric, shatavari, and ashwagandha. These help the immune system, fight free radicals, and lower inflammation. Some people think that these plants should be used together to directly attack many pathways that are linked to the start of cancer and to lessen the bad effects of common cancer treatments.   

As part of the Rasayana treatment, you change what you eat and how you live and use plant medicines to help your body heal itself. Rather than processed food varieties, sweet desserts, and an excessive amount of liquor, one thought is to eat all the more whole grains, new veggies, healthy fats, and nutrients that the body can undoubtedly utilize. A many individuals likewise say that pranayama (breath control), yoga, and meditation can assist you with feeling less worried, have better psychological well-being, and be more adaptable.

Finally, Rasayana Ayurveda fully treats endometrial cancer by addressing the reasons of the illness, boosting overall health, and boosting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. If someone wants to try Ayurvedic therapy, they should talk to trained professionals and only use these methods as part of a bigger cancer treatment plan that is reviewed by doctors.

Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Complications Of Endometrial Cancer

Uterine cancer is also commonly known as endometrial cancer

To rapidly find and treat the root reasons and side effects, you really want to understand what they mean, what risks with they could posture, and how to detect them


  • Uterine bleeding that does not appear to be normal can occur after menopause or during periods. 
  • Torment or tension in the lower midsection. 
  • Having torment while having intercourse. 
  • Especially red or watery vaginal fluid brought on by menopause. 
  • Changes in how the bowels and urination function.


Although the exact cause of endometrial cancer is still unknown, the following factors may increase its risk:

  • Hormone levels that are screwed up, especially when there is an extreme measure of estrogen and deficient progesterone. 
  • Individuals who are overweight make more estrogen. 
  • The risk goes up with age after menopause. 
  • Having diabetes and hypertension. 
  • Colorectal and uterine cancers typically run in families. 
  • Family transmission of Lynch syndrome has been linked to numerous types of cancer.

Risk Factors:

  • As an alternative for medicines that don’t contain progesterone.
  • Not becoming pregnant.
  • Starting your period early or going through menopause early.
  • A lot of women have psoriasis.
  • Tamoxifen may change the uterine lining.


  • Uterine cancer metastasis can occur in ovaries, lymph nodes, fallopian tubes, and other organs.
  • The cancer may come back after treatment and more medicine.
  • Edema and fluid buildup are two bad effects that can happen after lymph node removal surgery.
  • A hysterectomy is one treatment that could make it impossible to have children.
  • It can be hard to deal with being told you have cancer that changes your sexuality and childbearing.

Learning about these aspects of uterine cancer in great detail can help find signs early, figure out risk factors, and start treatment, all of which improve the outlook and quality of life for people who have the disease. Routine tests and changes in behavior that improve general health and lower risk factors are also helpful.

Treatment Procedure For Endometrial Cancer At Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital Hyderabad

Individuals all around the world actually experience a great deal of difficulty with endometrial cancer, which begins in the coating of the uterus. The “Immunology-based Rasayana Ayurveda Treatment” might help with this sickness since it draws on both new immunology and old Indian medicine.

Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital is famous for giving people with uterine cancer great Ayurvedic care. A lot of medical perks can be found at our location. Punarjan’s team of Ayurvedic professionals uses the help of experienced professionals to combine old knowledge with the newest findings in immunity to create treatment plans that are unique for each patient.  

In line with immunity, the way Punarjan does things is based on Rasayana Ayurveda. It wants to make people healthier by getting them to change how they live, use herbal medicines, and make their own care plans. By treating people in a certain way, Punarjan makes the body’s defenses work better. This helps the body heal and get better while also killing cancer cells.

An ayurvedic pulse review (Nadi Pariksha) and a look for any side effects are part of a full check at Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital. This is a very important part of getting your health back to normal. They were able to make a more specific treatment plan because they knew more about the patient’s personality, medical background, and how bad the disease was.  

At Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital, you can get Rasayana Ayurvedic medicines that are related to immunity. Herbal teas, granules, healing oils, and unique mixes are some of these. In these medicines, you can find plants that help the immune system, such as amla, ashwagandha, guduchi, and turmeric. They can guard against sickness, fix broken cells, and even fight cancer. 

Punarjan mixes Rasayana treatments with other methods, such as yoga and meditation, to better take care of his patients’ health as a whole. These techniques lower stress and make you mentally tougher at the same time. This makes Ayurvedic treatments better at recovering.   

To make sure that patients are as comfortable as possible and that the treatment works as well as possible, Punarjan’s way of treating endometrial cancer has to carefully balance the benefits of traditional methods like surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation with the benefits of Ayurveda.

Always remember that regular follow-ups are part of Punarjan’s long-term therapy, which encourages patients to take an active role in their own health journey. Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital offers a complete way to heal and regenerate, giving people with endometrial cancer hope.

Endometrial Cancer Treatment Cost In Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital Hyderabad

The most up-to-date treatments for endometrial cancer are expensive but work. Prescription medicines, medical care, and expert fees are all examples of direct costs. Still, the costs of travel and the money loss from not being able to work could be big. People in India who have endometrial cancer are likely to pay a lot of money to get treatment. The exact dose is based on the type, stage, and treatment plan

Even if insurance lowers out-of-pocket costs, copayments and deductibles are still big problems. Immunotherapy and medicines that have been changed are two more modern and useful methods that cost more.

The all-around endometrial cancer care at Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals aims to balance the body’s Pitta, Vata, and Kapha doshas. People come to Punarjan Ayurveda to get their immune systems stronger and their bodies to heal themselves better. Yoga, meditation, changing what you eat and how you live, and other self-care tasks are very important to Ayurvedic doctors. How much Ayurvedic treatment costs will depend on the drugs that are prescribed and how bad the sickness is.  

Ayurvedic treatments for endometrial cancer may include:

  • Herbal Remedies: A lot of the natural remedies above can help reduce swelling and make your immune system stronger. People who have cancer might get more help from these plants than from regular cancer medicines. Also, our skilled professionals use a variety of organic formulas in Punarjan Ayurveda medicines, such as phytochemicals and herbominerals. 
  • Diet and Nutrition: We carefully plan our patients’ meals, and we include foods that are known to boost the immune system and keep dosha in balance. Natural and organic foods always win out when compared to medical treatments.
  • Rasayana Therapy: The goals of this medicine are to boost your immune system and make you live longer. To do this, it uses certain herbal medicines, mineral treatments, and dietary tips to heal cells and improve health. People who want to switch generally find that Rasayana treatment is less expensive than regular medicine. Still, the cost-effectiveness could be different depending on how it was calculated and what steps were taken.
  • Yoga and Meditation: The goal of these techniques is to lower stress and help the body and mind heal better. Most of the money goes to fees and the many things used to teach.
  • Lifestyle Adjustments: Our patients get advice from us on how to make their daily plans, level of exercise, and sleep better. Most of the time, these changes don’t cost anything. 

Also, our dedicated staff is always there to help patients, giving them mental support and advice on what is right and wrong. Every day, our dedicated staff works very hard to make sure that all of our patient’s needs are met and that they have support while they are getting care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best hospital for endometrial cancer?
Think about which hospital in Hyderabad has everything you need when you talk about the best one for endometrial cancer. Ayurvedic medicines are used to fight cancer by doctors who know a lot about them. They also have cutting-edge tools to find out what’s going on in your body and a group of people who always have your best interests at heart. A lot of people think that Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital in Hyderabad is one of the best places to treat uterine cancer since they have a lot of different drugs and the most up-to-date technology.
Some people with endometrial cancer will suffer severe conditions from it, but many can fully heal if it is found early on. A lot of the time, surgery is the best way to treat ovarian cancer. Chemo and radiation treatment might not be enough to stop the cancer from getting worse. Regular checkups make it easier to find cancer at an earlier stage, which raises the chance that the treatment will work. The best chance for an answer is to find and deal with the problem as soon as possible.
Damage to the lining of the uterus by endometrial cancer is likely to be very poor. Most of the time, it can be treated well if it is found early. You should see a doctor if you see blood that doesn’t look right. Heavy women, older women, and women who have issues with their hormones are more likely to get it. Based on how bad the sickness is, conventional treatments, Ayurvedic treatments, or a combination of both may be able to help. Early discovery changes the course of treatment in a big way.
The Indian method of medicine called Ayurveda is very old, but it is suggested that people with endometrial cancer also use current conventional treatments. There are people who use Ayurveda to feel better in general or to ease their conditions. Some studies have looked into the benefits of using some plant medicines in Ayurveda, but it’s not clear what they found. People who want to try Ayurvedic treatments should first talk to their doctor to make sure it won’t affect their usual care.
The Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital in Hyderabad, India, is the best place to get treatment for endometrial cancer. This well-known hospital offers both new and old Ayurvedic medicines, which is called Rasayana Ayurveda. They treat their patients completely and have cutting-edge equipment and doctors who are very good at what they do. A lot of families trust the hospital because it has great facilities, works well with others, and has a high success rate for cancer care.
Cutting-edge treatments for uterine cancer use special medicines to help the body fight the illness. One type of immunotherapy based on Rasayana Ayurveda is making the body’s protections stronger against cancer cells. Targeted treatment is another type that focuses on specific changes in cancer cells to try to stop them from growing. People are getting better with these new medicines, especially those whose cancer didn’t get better with regular care.
How long it takes to treat uterine cancer depends on how healthy the patient is and how far the cancer has spread. Some treatments are conventional, such as Ayurveda, and sometimes a combination of both. Even though these treatments aren’t miracle cures, they help control the disease, lessen symptoms, and stop it from coming back. The best chance to win is to catch it early. The outlook is good because scientists are always coming up with new and creative ways to treat uterine cancer.
It’s hard to say which is worse because of how quickly they are found and how many treatments are out there. Both endometrial and breast cancer are very bad. The main sign of endometrial cancer is usually heavy bleeding that can’t be explained. This condition starts in the lining of the uterus. People who have breast cancer can show a number of signs. Both need to be diagnosed quickly and get the right care. So, we need to take care of our health, go to the doctor regularly, and talk about any fears we may have.
Conventional treatments are general methods of dealing with uterine cancer. They can have significant and positive effects, but sometimes they have side effects that are not desired. Surgical pain may also be a result of infections or the formation of blood clots. Radiation can cause itchiness to your skin, affect your digestion, make it difficult for you to eat, and cause fatigue. Chemotherapy often causes patients to be nauseous, lose their hair, or even become at a higher risk of contracting diseases. In hormone treatment, some of the side effects could include mood swings as well as hot flashes. It is equally good practice for anyone to consult their doctor in the event that they develop worrying thoughts.

Changes in the cells that line the uterus are the principal indication of uterine cancer. When these changes make cells grow too fast, you get a tumor. The changes can be caused by problems with hormones, especially when there isn’t enough progesterone or too much ovary hormone. Diabetes, being overweight, and having a history of sickness in your family all raise the chance. Cut down on these things and catch them early with check-ups to make sure that treatment or protection works.