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Best Prostate Cancer Treatment Hospitals in Hyderabad

At Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals, our fight against prostate cancer involves employing the unique techniques that originated in the early era called Rasayana Ayurveda.  This commitment at Punarjan is vital as it is in our quest to come up with treatment to prevent this form of cancer. Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals, is one of the Best Prostate Cancer Treatment Hospitals in Hyderabad, it helps in fighting prostate cancer. Punarjan is a beacon of hope and healing, dedicated to guiding you towards a future free from the burden of prostate cancer. Please contact us  today to know more information. We would be happy to assist you at every step and phase

Why Choose Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals For Prostate cancer Treatment ?

Punarjan Ayurveda provides treatment for prostate cancer using Rasayana Ayurveda, a complete and ancient healing system of Indian origin.

In Ayurveda, there are three important things in our bodies called doshas. Keeping these doshas balanced is very important. When they are balanced, our immune system stays strong. A strong immune system helps our body fight against cancer.

The therapies and procedures offered at Punarjan Ayurveda involve the application of phytochemicals and herbominerals. Our treatments are safe and effective. They are gentle on the body and help build overall health.

At Punarjan Ayurveda, we understand that each patient is unique. Our treatment process is entirely personalized, addressing your specific needs. Our Ayurveda physician considers your constitution, local diet, and activities. They evaluate your prakriti, which is your body constitution, eating habits, and other diseases. This tailored approach ensures the desired results, making patients’ journeys to healing hopeful.

We leverage Rasayana Ayurveda for effective treatment and comprehensive prostate cancer care to ensure successful outcomes for our patients throughout their cancer journey.
With Punarjan Ayurveda, you can embrace a transformative journey towards better health and well-being. Following Punarjan Ayurveda’s doctor’s guidance, the patients will be able to improve their health.

Prostate cancer can be treated, and our hospital’s main goal is to help all patients survive it. We use special procedures and provide supportive care throughout the entire treatment process. This means we take good care of our patients every step of the way to make sure they get better.

If you need help fighting prostate cancer, Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital is here for you. They use a mix of modern medicine and ancient Ayurvedic practices to treat cancer. Choose Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals for the best care and support in your fight against prostate cancer.

Types Of Prostate Cancer

Unlock nature’s healing power with our Rasayana Ayurvedic approach—the key to conquering prostate cancer.

The prostate is considered one of the most common types of cancer in men. These types make the identification of prostate cancer and its effective treatment at an early stage very vital in increasing the chances of survival.


Non-invasive is the most frequent type, and it is estimated that about 99% of all prostate cancers are adenocarcinomas. Adenocarcinoma starts in the prostate gland cell, which is responsible for the production of prostate fluid. This type of cancer can be low- or slow-grade or high- or fast-growing, respectively.

Small-cell Cell cancer

Another type is small-cell prostate cancer, a less common subtype of the disease but one that is particularly dangerous. Small, spherical tumor cells that are invasive and propensity to grow are the hallmark of this type of cancer. Sevoflurane is often diagnosed in patients with poor prognosis and must be treated urgently using high doses of medication.


Some of these are scarce types that develop from the prostate gland’s sarcoma cells or muscle and connective tissues. These tumor forms can be considered complex and difficult to manage.


Sometimes, after the treatment, the cancer is considered to be castration-resistant prostate cancer. It means the tumor persists to progress and metastasize even when the patient undergoes conventional treatments. It is one of the most challenging forms of cancer and may require a combined modality approach.

Transitional Cell Carcinoma

It mainly occurs in the region that contains transitional cells along the urethra, a tube that passes urine from the bladder through the prostate gland. This type is rare, and patients who encounter it might have had bladder cancer in the past.

Understanding the Type

Differentiating the particular type of prostate cancer is vital when advising on treatment and estimating the progression pattern. Screening and timely identification of diseases and related ailments enhance treatment and potential recovery.

Choose Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals for the best care and support in your fight against prostate cancer.

Immunotherapy Treatment For Prostate Cancer

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer can be very hard. Punarjan Ayurveda has a particularly unique method of treating this form of cancer, prostate cancer. They are mainly involved in treating their patients with the help of the Ayurveda system of medicines as well as immunotherapy. Never do it yourself, as they do everything on your behalf. In other words, if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, don’t despair because Punarjan Ayurveda’s Immunotherapy Treatment For Prostate Cancer is now available to assist you.

Balancing the Tridoshasa

In Ayurveda, which is an ancient way of healing, good health means keeping three energies in balance: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are the dosas, which have five subtypes each, mainly responsible for the functioning of the human body. If these energies are not balanced, we are likely to develop diseases like cancer. 

This implies that there is a close correlation between the imbalance of the human body’s energy and diseases. The concept of Rasayana therapies deals with these energies in the body and tries to make the body stronger and enable it to cure itself. As such, Ayurveda is a health system that helps people achieve balance in Vata, Pitta, and Kapha to avoid getting sick and regain health.

Rasayana Herbs and Immunomodulation

Rasayana Ayurveda has effective herbs with immunomodulatory influences that counterbalance the problems of the immune system. 

Dietary and Lifestyle Interventions

Thus, while Rasayana Ayurveda does not limit itself to administering herbal antidotes for cancer treatment, its outcomes can be significant. They also emphasize the consumption of a proper diet and leading a healthy lifestyle. They prescribe foods that can easily repair the affected body, such as spices like turmeric and ginger, which enhance body immunity.

Synergistic Approach

For prostate cancer, Punarjan Ayurveda doctors might suggest using a special treatment called immunotherapy along with regular Ayurveda methods. This combined approach helps make immunotherapy work better and reduces the side effects of other natural treatments. The goal is to improve the patient’s health by using the best of both modern and traditional medicine.

Unique Treatment Methods

Rasayana Ayurveda provides special treatment plans for each person. Depending on the patient’s body type and the type of cancer they have, the treatment doses are adjusted just for them. This makes it easier to deal with side effects and ensures that the patient gets the best result possible.

If you need help fighting prostate cancer, Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital is here for you.  They use a mix of modern medicine and ancient Ayurvedic practices to treat cancer.Please contact us  today to know more information.

Rasayana Ayurveda Treatment For Prostate Cancer

Embrace the ancient wisdom of Rasayana Ayurveda for a holistic, natural, and personalized approach to overcoming prostate cancer.

Rasayana Ayurveda is a special kind of treatment that makes your body strong and helps it fight cancer. At Punarjan Ayurveda, we use natural things, such as plants and minerals, to help our bodies fight diseases. Our Rasayana Ayurveda Treatment For Prostate Cancer is gentle and helps your body heal without using harsh methods. It also gives you the energy to fight illnesses like cancer. These natural therapies make your body stronger and healthier overall.

Our treatment includes using specific forms prepared from plant products and a certain diet recommended based on Prakriti and dosha at the time of consultation.

This slows down metastasis, i.e., cancer spreading to other organs and tissues, and reduces oxidative stress, a key factor that contributes to cancer cell production. Therefore, with our medicine, we have the capability of eradicating these cancer cells from your body and keeping you safe.

Similarly, the Rasayana Ayurveda acts to provide an internal environment for new cell nourishment through measures of diet change.

In the course of our discussion with Ayurveda doctors, it was suggested that their patients should eat a good diet that includes fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and herbs, but not hot/toxic foods.

When all the toxicity factors are removed, and doshas are balanced, one senses the power of prakriti (nature).

Healthy and well-nourished tissues try to enhance the conduits of the body for better intestinal absorption and vigor so that the body can regain its self-healing power and fight against the cause of cancer.

Punarjan Ayurveda has to do with cancer in so many ways, and here, the strategy employed to treat cancer is unique in its own way. The medicine that we use is Rasayana Ayurveda, an effective medicine system that has existed for centuries. It will help eliminate cells in the body that are bad for cancer development, such as free radicals and growing tumor cells. It removes the toxins in the body, regulates the body’s processes, repairs the cells, counteracts the effects of stress, and manages inflammation.

Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals help prostate cancer patients with a lot of care and also give them online and offline consulting throughout the treatment course. Get in touch with our doctors now.

Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Complications Of Prostate Cancer

Empower yourself with knowledge – the key to conquering prostate cancer lies in recognizing its signs and proactively addressing its causes.

Cancer of the prostate is a severe problem threatening millions of men globally. It is possible to develop a clear picture of the signs, causes, and risk factors, as well as details of potential complications, which will help with diagnosis and treatment.


In its early state, prostate cancer is usually asymptomatic and this results in the disease not being diagnosable until advanced stages. As the cancer progresses, symptoms may include

Urinary issues – Difficulty starting urination, weak urinary flow, increased frequency of micturition, especially during the night, and haematuria.

Sexual problems – Hematospermia, which is the presence of blood in the semen, and dyspareunia or more precisely painful or uncomfortable ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.

Pain – Persistent pain in the lower back, hips, or upper thighs. stains in the semen.


Certain factors are believed to play a role, including:

Age: It was reported that the overall risk grows with age, especially for the male population.

Family history: It is noteworthy that early occurrence of prostate cancer in a first-degree relative boosts up the risk of disease.

Diet: High intake of red meat and high amount of saturated products might be a leading cause

Obesity: Obese men may develop a more aggressive form of prostate cancer, compared to normal weight men

Risk Factors

Some key risk factors for prostate cancer include:

Age: They are more common in males and are usually reported in elderly men aged 65 years old and above.

Race: This position reveals the danger element is greater in the African American males.

Gene changes: There are lifestyle modifications that incline an individual to develop the disease, and others that can cause changes on the gene that ultimately make a person have the disease.

Diet: One could attract a high risk of the above diseases through taking foods with high animal fats.


Pain: Metastasis to the bones is another condition that brings about a great deal of pain

Paralysis: If cancer happens to affect the spinal cord, this typically leads to paralysis.

Find out about the signs, reasons, things that increase the risk, and problems that can happen with prostate cancer. Our doctors at Punarjan Ayurveda can help you make a good plan for treatment.

Treatment Procedure For Prostate Cancer At Punarjan

Unlock a path of renewal and empowerment with Punarjan’s personalized prostate cancer treatments. 

As much as they spend their efforts fighting cancer, the patient will gain support from our team of professionals and can more effectively fight it.

The treatment at Punarjan Ayurveda encourages a change in replication levels and protects against changes that may make cells develop cancer. Besides, they also enhance the innate metabolic function that occurs within the body in response to stress. Consequently, it can enhance the process of homeostasis and cope with adverse conditions that foster tumor proliferation.

With a firm belief in this ancient procedure, one can attain the information of people who stood up for what can only be characterized as the truth. This is to stress that the progression of prostate cancer does not necessarily entail losing one’s faith or having to undertake intensive treatments.

The role that defines Punarjan Ayurveda is to enhance the body’s immune response to cancer cells. The proposed goal is thus directed towards enhancing the immune system as a defense mechanism against cancerous cells. The aim is to help the body fight against cancerous cells. Our treatment procedure for prostate cancer has shown effectiveness in treating the illness.

At Punarjan Ayurveda, prostate cancer treatment is done to be more effective by taking the entire body into consideration. The medicine that we use strengthens our immune system, halts uncontrolled cancer development, and creates new cells. This implies that our treatment regime is directed towards ensuring that those in our care are relieved of their suffering and are able to recover as quickly as possible.

Please get in touch with our doctors to learn more about our treatment procedure for prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Cost In Punarjan Hospital hyderabad

At Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital, the treatment of patients suffering from prostate cancer is done at a relatively low cost, as well as being very efficient. Our framework incorporates the doctors, therapists, and staff as a combined team who can monitor the patients and adjust the treatment to fit their specific needs.

Initial Evaluation

The first treatment step that Ayurveda uses is Nadi Pariksha, which involves checking the pulse to determine dosha changes and learn more about the patient’s condition. Based on the nature of consultations with the doctor, further tests may be prescribed in order to get a full picture of the patient’s state of health. This preliminary assessment is especially important due to the similarities among the many presented to other diseases and the development of an individual approach to closely and efficiently manage the course of prostate cancer.

Holistic Treatment Approach

At Punarjan Ayurveda, the maxim being followed is that the physical aspect of the body is not an ailment, but the entire body is an ailment. In addition to biochemical assessment, we use Ayurveda and other Indian systems of medicine to plan individualized therapy agendas. It entails dietary strategies, herbs, lifestyle, and therapeutic procedures that are aimed at enhancing the total efficiency and quality of patient’s lives.

Dedicated patient care

At our hospital, we focus a lot on caring for each patient. Every patient gets a special team of case managers. These managers come from different areas of healthcare. They look after the patient’s treatment journey. They make sure the care keeps going smoothly. They check how well the patient is doing and give support all along. The case managers work closely with doctors and therapists. Together, they adjust the treatment plans as needed. This helps them respond well to any changes in the patient’s health or treatment needs.

Affordable Pricing

At Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital, we believe everyone should get good healthcare. We set fair prices for prostate cancer treatment so it’s affordable for everyone. We promise to give great care and pay attention to each patient’s needs.

If you or someone you know needs help with prostate cancer, Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital is here for you. We use caring ways to treat cancer that are also affordable. You can talk to us to find out more about Prostate Cancer Treatment Cost and how we can help or to make an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the financial burden of prostate cancer ?

It is crucial to understand that without consideration of the factors related to a patient’s life, prostate cancer treatment often involves significant expenses. The real price is clearly evident in the impact one experiences in the form of stress and possible downgrade in overall quality of living. But if patients aim to diagnose the disease in its early stages, there is a high chance that one might have a better chance of recovery. 

The challenges of prostate cancer can be summed up in the statement that with a more proactive attitude and appropriate steps, a man can beat this disease and move forward in his life with renewed vigor and energy and that includes facing whatever financial pressures that he might experience.

Prostate cancer mainly affects males, and its prevalence sharply rises as they grow older. Though it has been seen to affect people in the younger age bracket, the statistics indicate that the majority of new cases are experienced by men who are 65 years old and above. 

Some people are more likely to get it than others; for example African Americans have a higher incidence rate than other ethnicities. Moreover, it may be a hereditary disease and men who had their close relatives suffering from prostate cancer or who possess some certain genes are at increased risk. It is therefore important that all men to understand the indicators of the disease, the current practices of screening for the disease to enable it to be detected at an early stage and therefore ensure that the available treatments for prostate cancer offer the best results.

Life quality after prostate removal varies. Some feel better without cancer worries, but others may face challenges like incontinence or problems with intimacy. It depends on each person. Some may think the symptoms are worth the extra time, while others might find it hard. It’s important to talk with doctors and get support to decide what’s best for you.

The decision of whether the symptoms of prostate removal are worth the extra time varies for each individual’s condition

Prostate cancer outcomes vary. Early detection often leads to successful treatment, but it can spread and become more challenging to treat. Survival rates depend on stage, treatment effectiveness, and individual health. Regular screenings and prompt medical attention can improve chances of successful outcomes.

Using advanced technology and checking for problems early helps people live healthier lives. However, if cancer has already spread, the chances of getting better go down. This shows why it’s important to get screened early to find cancer in its earliest stage.

Some physicians may refrain from treating the patient for prostate cancer especially when the man is aged more than 75-80 years, or if he has other diseases or reduced life expectancy. This approach often called “watchful waiting” or “active surveillance” is reached to spare the patient from the side effects of the treatment as the tumor often grows very slowly. The decision is therefore made bearing in mind the general health status, stage of cancer and their personal desires.

Men with stage 4 prostate cancer may live up to 20 years, but the chances are very low. To put it another way, how long a patient lives depends on the availability of better medicines, their health, how well they are treated, and how quickly their illness gets worse. Thanks to progress in medicine, like Punarjan Therapy and Rasayana Ayurveda, many people can now look forward to living longer. Patients should talk to their doctors about what would be best for them as they think about their choices.

There is a significant problem with understanding the general prognosis for the untreated prostate cancer, as it can range within a very wide spectrum. These slow-growing UC subtypes could provide patients with several years without any intervention, especially if diagnosed later with the disease. However, there is an aggressive form of cancer, this means it can spread fast and reduces the lifespan of a person hugely. Prostate cancer may cause death if left untreated it affects an average of 3 years, though the range may vary depending on the aggressiveness of the cancer, age, state of health, and other aspects. It is important to control them which is possible, if the risks are controlled by everyday observance.

There are ways in which you can treat prostate cancer, depending on the stage. It can be operated on and treated with radiation, hormone therapy, or chemotherapy, but such treatments have side effects. The Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital utilizes treatment procedures such as Punarjan therapy and Rasayana Ayurveda, which incorporate modern medicine and Ayurvedic methods. This makes the body’s fight against cancer cells stronger. Rasayana Ayurveda is also used to build up patients’ immune systems and help them feel better faster. Now it’s very important to talk to the doctor about which treatment will work best for the patient.

Doctors decide whether to remove the prostate or choose other treatments based on many things. These include how far the cancer has spread, how old the patient is, their overall health, and what they prefer. Contemporary methods to remove the prostate (called prostatectomy) might be suggested if the cancer hasn’t spread much. It’s really important for patients to talk to urologists and oncologists. They can explain the benefits, risks, and what to expect from each treatment before making a decision.

The probability as to whether prostate cancer will reoccur varies depending on the initial stage of this illness as well as the effectiveness of the treatment process. Some men could see the cancer come back in a few years, while others can remain free of cancer for several years. Well, it is very important to undergo a checkup often so that the doctors may be able to diagnose signs of cancer recurring in the early stages. This involves your age, your overall health, and whether or not you follow the doctor’s advice religiously. It is recommended that patients consult their doctor to prevent/manage risks relevant to such conditions and lead a healthy life.