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Best Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer Treatment Hospitals in Hyderabad

The word “diagnosed with Cancer” could be overwhelming! But we are here to provide comfort and hope. Punarjan Ayurveda is, Best Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer Treatment Hospitals in Hyderabad, with it’s methods rooted in the harmonious blend of proven ayurvedic wisdom with modern medicine.

We deploy precise formulations that are tailored to each individual’s needs for more than 25 years. Punarjan Ayurveda has helped more than around lakhs of patients. Our astonishing 97% recovery rate is a testament to our dedication and expertise. We offer consistent help and advice, both offline and online. Together, we can explore this quest with empathy, assurance, and resilience to win over Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer.

Why Choose Punarjan Ayurveda hospitals For Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer Treatment

Most of the cancer patients choose Punarjan Ayurveda hospitals for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer Treatment. Most of their treatments can heal you naturally using herbs and minerals. Our approach is gentle on the body. But it is very powerful against cancer.

If a person is diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, this starts with making lumps in the body. It is known that modern treatments could help the case. But they might lead to some imbalance. We all know that patients end up with some side effects. So, most of them are scared of side effects. Then, it is Punarjan Ayurveda, with its natural treatments, that helps with those side effects!

At Punarjan, we do not just treat cancer. We treat the person holistically (mind, body and spirit). First, we put the patient on a special diet. No junk food allowed! Only pure, fresh, and whole foods are preferred. Next, immune-boosting herbal medicines add to building strength. These remove toxins that feed cancer. Everything here is 100% natural and safe with no pain or side effects at all.

Our doctors listen closely to each patient’s needs, explain everything clearly, and give constant support at every step through regular follow-ups. Patients get counseling to stay positive with meditation practices. All this healing is for the whole person, not just treating the cancer alone. In many cases, our patients have restored their immunity and are still leading happy lives. But Punarjan’s natural approach really does heal cancer. 

So, if anyone in your knowledge has cancer, do not panic; choose Punarjan ayurveda hospitals for its integrative cancer therapy — Punarjan Therapy. We are here to guide you to full healing – in body, mind, and spirit.

Types Of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer

“Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL)” is a blood related tumor that is brought on by specific white blood cells known as lymphocytes. There are three main types of NHL: those that affect B-cells, T-cells, and NK cells.

85 percent of people with NHL are found to have B-cell lymphomas. About thirty percent of NHL cases are of the most common type, Diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL). DLBCL is an extremely perilous cancer that spreads rapidly, so treatment is much of the time the initial step. Follicular lymphoma is the second most common kind of lymphoma, which is really astonishing. Generally, it goes with a gradual development that probably appears as a swelling in the lymph nodes that cause no damage. Therefore, small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL), generally, impacts the lymph nodes, while chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), impacts the bone marrow and blood.

The principal indications of the two ailments are something very similar. The main signs make it harder to treat mantle cell lymphoma (MCL), which is an extremely hard kind of cancer. This type of cancer is known for being rapid and aggressive. Also, Epstein-Barr infection, or EBV, is mostly associated with it. In some cases, it mostly affects kids. One type of primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma that starts in the thymus mostly affects young women.

T-cell lymphomas are an alternate and in some cases extremely perilous kind of cancer that isn’t generally so normal as B-cell lymphomas. Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma and Peripheral T cell lymphoma-Not Otherwise Specified (PTCL,NOS) are two kinds of extreme peripheral T-cell lymphomas (PTCL). There is a superior possibility of beating Anaplastic Enormous Cell Lymphoma (ALCL) on the off chance that the anaplastic lymphoma kinase-ALK test returns positive contrasted with when it returns negative.

Skin White blood cell lymphomas come in two unique sorts: Sézary condition and mycosis fungoides. These diseases normally appear as wounds on the skin and deteriorate gradually after some time.

Natural killer (NK) cell cancer is interesting and hazardous. A common extranodal lymphoma is nasal NK/T-cell lymphoma. It affects the nostrils and is usually Epstein-Barr.

Assuming that you or somebody you know has cancer, do not take stress. Instead, opt for Punarjan Therapy, a holistic approach to cancer treatment, at Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals. Our job is to help you get better in every way.

Immunotherapy Treatment For Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer

Punrajan Ayurveda integrates both Ayurveda with modern science in Immunotherapy Treatment For Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer

This cancer affects the lymph nodes and white blood cells as well. Regular cancer treatments are very severe. These practices might damage healthy cells along with cancer cells. The side effects are terrible. Patients feel extremely sick and weak.

However, there is one more method for treating this cancer. It is a combination of the best of present day medication and ancient Ayurveda. This methodology is called immunotherapy treatment. It boosts the immune system so that it can find and neutralize the cancer cells normally. 

Immunotherapy uses modern medicines. These medicines mark the cancer cells as harmful. Then, the immune system can recognize and battle them. The immune system is often too weak while dealing with cancer. That is where powerful Rasayana Ayurveda drugs come in. Certain herb combinations can revive the immune system’s strength. They build up the body’s vital energy or “prana.” 

With more prana, the immune system wakes up. Now, it can work as smartly as immunotherapy drugs. Together, they become an unstoppable force against cancer! Ayurvedic diet and detox methods also help a lot. They remove toxins that strengthen the immune system. Also, herbal concoctions further boost energy flow through blood vessels. Breathing exercises and meditation calm the mind. All this helps fortify the whole body’s healing ability.

The results of this combined approach are amazing. Patients feel much better. The tumor shrinks steadily with little sickness or pain. For many, this approach gave good results. Their energy, strength, and quality of life improve dramatically.

So, for non-Hodgkin lymphoma, try Punarjan Therapy. Let your body’s own defenses heal you gently. Upgrade to this modern, integrated treatment path that can holistically cure cancer including mind and body.

Rasayana Ayurveda Treatment For Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer

In Rasayana Ayurveda Treatment For Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer, unique drugs called Rasa Bhasmas play a vital role. They can deal with even serious health conditions like non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer effectively. Rasa Bhasmas are produced using filtered earth minerals bonded with herbal ingredients. Be that as it may, they are handled in a prospective way using ancient strategies. This processing makes them extremely potent and easily absorbed.

Regular mineral supplements are not the same as Rasa Bhasmas. Those are made from raw, unprocessed minerals. The body cannot absorb or use them properly. But Rasa Bhasmas go through repeated purification steps. Heating, cooling, and mixing with herbs over months. This removes any toxicity and concentrates the essence.

The end result is a super-concentrated, bioavailable mineral formulation. Just a small pinch of Rasa Bhasma can have powerful therapeutic effects. It restores deficient minerals and elements deep into the tissues. It boosts immunity, metabolism, and vital energy. Cancer might not get a chance against such renewed inner strength!

One very important ingredient used is Rasa Sindoora. This is made from purified mercury, sulfur, and certain herbs. It is specifically meant for healing blood disorders, tumors, and cancers. Rasa Sindoora cleanses the lymphatic system and blood of toxins. It reduces swelling and purifies the entire body.

Along with Rasa Sindoora, other common Rasa Bhasmas used are Swarna Bhasma (gold), Rajata Bhasma (silver), and Abhrak Bhasma (mica). Each has its own special healing properties. The Ayurveda doctors carefully choose and combine them. This depends on the patient’s condition and imbalances.

These mineral-herb Bhasma formulas form the main treatment for cancer. But they are not given alone. They work best when combined with other Rasayana therapies, like rejuvenating herbal tonics and breathing practices. All aspects of healing are addressed through diet, herbs, and lifestyle changes.

So, look for Punarjan’s Rasayana Ayurveda’s treatment now. Along with Rasa Sindoora, these potentized minerals can truly transform your health from the roots. Have faith in this ancient yet proven science of Ayurveda for cancer care. Follow the full protocol diligently to reclaim your natural inner vitality.

Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Complications Of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer

Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is an extremely severe condition causing tumors to grow in the lymphatic system beginning in the lymphocytes (white blood cells). The abnormal radical cells gather in the lymph nodes and then move to other parts of the body. 


  • Swelling in the Lymph nodes: lymph nodes swell with no pain in the neck, armpits, or crotch 
  • Fever: Constant or irregular fever with no proper disease. 
  • Night Sweats: More sweating during nights
  • Weight reduction: Unexpected weight loss without a cause
  • Fatigue/Exhaustion: Tiredness and feeling drowsy
  • Abdominal Swelling/pain: Pain or swelling in the torso because of extended lymph nodes or organs like the liver or spleen. 
  • Chest pain/short breath: Chest inconvenience or trouble in breathing 

The specific reason is unclear, yet it begins with DNA mutation, and the lymphocyte count will multiply increasingly. Certain risk factors raise this cancer to occur. For example, immunity power will be weakened in HIV/AIDS which could be a significant risk factor. If one is exposed to poisonous synthetics, pesticides, or radiation, it can sometimes trigger these mutations.

People who don’t have any risk factors are most likely to get it, and no one knows why. Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is more common as people get older, especially after age 60. However, this cancer can affect at any age, even in children.

When left untreated, non-Hodgkin Lymphoma can spread and cause hazardous complications. Then, additional lymph nodes and organs become pressurized with cancer cells. After that, there is a breakdown in their normal functions. This prompts serious complications like infections, gastrointestinal issues, and kidney or lung failure. If this is prolonged, it can spread deep down to the bone marrow and disrupt normal blood cell production. 

However, the case is generally easy to handle if non-Hodgkin Lymphoma is detected early. Because more than 70% of patients benefit from appropriate treatment on time. The treatment relies upon the particular type and phase of Lymphoma. Today, many new effective immunotherapies based on Ayurveda are additionally being created.

For this reason, it is recommended to consult a specialist quickly after noticing enlarged lymph nodes, fevers, or unexplained fatigue. One should not overlook the symptoms, as early recognition is significant. With proper treatment, a majority of people can beat non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and regain well-being. Also, contact us for more information about Rasayana Ayurveda cancer treatment at Punarjan!

Treatment Procedure For Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer At Punarjan

The treatment procedure for non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer At Punarjan believes in integrative care. We use precious Rasa bhasmas while complimenting modern medicines.

At Punarjan, we treat non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer using precise Rasayana Ayurveda formulations. Our approach is different from regular medications. We avoid severe treatments that damage the body. Instead, we use specialized herbs and natural minerals to heal from the root cause.

The first step is detoxification of the body. This helps create the right inner environment for healing. Our herbal medicines eliminate accumulated toxins and blockages. Purified herbal remedies and a customized diet can flush out further impurities.

Hence, we start rebuilding immunity with powerful herbal rasayanas once the body is cleansed. These are tailor-made formulas prescribed for each patient. To help you understand, we use known herbs of the best quality, like ashwagandha, turmeric, amlaki, etc. They work to address imbalances and restore the immune system. Gentle pranayama and meditation practices are also included.

A unique part of our treatment is using Rasa Bhasmas and Rasa Sindhooras. Bhasmas are purified, potentized mineral formulations processed using ancient methods. In the same way, one more well-known ingredient is Rasa Sindoora. This is made from mercury, sulfur, and herbs like brahmi. It is considered highly effective for cancers of the blood and lymph system.

Along with Rasa Sindoora, other Bhasmas like Swarna Bhasma (gold) and Tamra Bhasma (copper) may be used. The specific combination depends on the patient’s unique condition and deficiencies. These Bhasmas work intensely to remove toxins, boost immunity, and eliminate the tumor from its roots.

The herbs and Bhasmas are given in precise cycles and sequences for maximum effect. We carefully monitor the patient’s response at every step. Diet, lifestyle, and home remedies are also carefully guided.

With this integrated approach, patients start seeing improvement. The swollen lymph nodes begin reducing in size. Night sweats, fever, and fatigue diminish steadily. Most importantly, their overall energy, appetite, and well-being revives.

Most cases of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma are under control after a few months of planned treatment. There are no risky side effects as the cancer goes into remission. After that, patients can keep taking Rasayana tonics for a long time to avoid return.

That is the reason we tell our non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma patients not to leave trust. Use Punarjan ayurveda’s wisdom Rasayana Ayurveda. Our exact natural formulas can handle cancer in a gentle but effective way. Get back to being your lively self with this treatment method that will make you feel better and has no harmful effects.

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer Treatment Cost In Punarjan Hospital Hyderabad

Thinking of the treatment cost of non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer? Visit Punarjan Hospital in Hyderabad. Our Ayurvedic approach is very affordable.

At Punarjan, we use herbal medicines and unique mineral formulations. All our ingredients come straight from nature – no artificial or costly medicines involved. This makes the overall treatment highly economical for most patients. Punarjan’s Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma treatment program has three main components;

  • The first is the initial consultation and examination. After examination, our doctors prescribe a customized natural treatment protocol.
  • The second component is the leading herbal medicine course cost. This includes all medicines for a specified duration based on the condition.
  • The third component is regular follow ups, addressing the concerns and diet support which is free of cost. 

Suppose the cancer requires longer herbal and mineral treatment. After remission, we recommend taking herbal tonics and doing periodic detox to prevent recurrence.

The typical cost for the first year of complete Non-Hodgkin’s treatment at Punarjan is very affordable. This is more economical than modern therapies, which often run into many lakhs of rupees a year.

Also, unlike modern treatments, our gentle Ayurveda approach has no side effects. So you don’t have to pay more for hospital stays and medicines to deal with side effects. The total amount you have to pay for cancer care goes down. We aim to make expert cancer care affordable through natural Ayurvedic medicine.

So don’t delay your non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment due to financial constraints. Contact Punarjan ayurveda hospitals to get a complete estimate customized for your condition. Let us guide you to good health through our economical, practical, and side-effect-free therapy approach.

Keep in mind: Getting a cost estimate for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma treatment is not easy. The specific expense depends upon the type and stage of the cancer, the prescribed medicines, and particular needs. 

Call Punarjan Ayurveda Hospitals and feel free to seek guidance to examine your cancer treatment choices and get a reasonable option for the expenses involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new cancer treatment for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma?

Specialists are continually searching for better ways of battling cancer. There’s astonishing advancement in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma treatment, particularly with immunotherapy drugs. 

Consider immunotherapy, preparing your body’s immunity to fight back against cancer. These medications help your immune system perceive in fighting cancer cells. 

CAR-T cell therapy, a new type in which the immune cells such as T-cells are used to target cancer. These T cells can then attack the lymphoma.

Another methodology is used to utilise some immune checkpoint inhibitors. Typically, our body’s immune system has these to keep it from harming healthy cells. Certain cancer cells utilize these to hide. Checkpoint inhibitors take the brakes off, permitting the immune system to pursue disease cells. Apart from these, research is continuous, and new medicines are continually being developed. 

In simple terms, it depends! Consider non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma as a major umbrella for various other cancers. A few types are aggressive, while others become slow.

Fortunately, specialists can frequently be successful in treating fast-growing lymphomas. This therapy generally includes medications like chemo or radiation or even medical surgery. After therapy, many individuals with these lymphomas probably have no recurrence. That is what specialists call a fix!

However, the slow-developing lymphomas are unique. There’s no solution for them 

now; however, that doesn’t mean there’s no exception. Specialists can, in any case, give therapies to monitor the disease for quite a while.

The significant thing is to consult with your primary care physician. They can make sense of the type of lymphoma you have and your treatment choices.

Non-Hodgkin’s cancer is usually treated for 6 months to a year with a combination of Ayurveda and Western methods. In general, rare herbs and detox treatments last for three to six months at first. If the cancer is still there, treatment is generally extended for another 6 months. If you want to avoid returning after remission, you should keep up with oral herbs, detox, and lifestyle changes for one to two years.

Regarding non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment, chemotherapy, radiation, and sometimes surgery are standard treatments. Most people think that these work better for this than combining Ayurvedic treatments with other types of medicine.

Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is characterized by stages, with larger numbers demonstrating advanced cancers. The last stage, Stage IV, implies the lymphoma has moved past the lymph nodes, which are important for the immune system. 

In Stage IV, the cancer has reached another organ in your body. This may be the bone marrow, liver, lungs, or even the liquid encompassing your brain. While Stage IV is the most serious stage, it does not mean that there’s no exception. Specialists can in any case prescribe therapy plans to deal with the cancer and work on the quality of life. 

In case of worries about non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, consult a clinical specialist. They can precisely survey your stage and suggest the most proper treatment choices.

If non-Hodgkin lymphoma is untreated as it is , it will be harmful. Here is the explanation:

The cancer cells continue to duplicate rapidly in the lymph nodes. They push out the healthy cells that keep you good. The body cannot fight infections if the healthy lymph cells are affected. Gradually one will become ill more regularly and struggle for health. The lymphoma cancer can spread from the lymph nodes to other body parts like organs. At this moment, it is harder to treat. As it spreads more, side effects like sleepiness, weight reduction, fatigue, and night sweats will get worse. 

It is vital to identify early and treat this lymphoma malignant growth. Consult your specialist if you have observed any signs that concern you. Try not to wait or ignore these symptoms

Medical procedure is generally not a fundamental therapy for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This disease begins in the lymph system, not as a single tumor. The cancer in lymph cells spread all through the lymph nodes and lymph vessels in the body. So there is no single mass that can be operated and removed through surgery.

Sometimes, medical surgery will be a choice for certain reasons connected with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Assuming the swollen lymph nodes are causing serious complications like pain, they might be removed or biopsied.

Once in a while, medical procedure is required if the tumor is of bulky mass. Because such tumors might be pushing on passageways of essential organs. However, surgery alone cannot treat or cure widespread non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma completely. It must be combined with other systemic treatments.

So in summary, while surgery has a limited role, it is not the main or first treatment approach for most non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cases. Systemic drug therapies are required to eliminate the cancer from the lymph system and achieve full remission.

Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is severe kind of cancer. It should be treated as soon as one identifies it. This cancer begins in the lymph system. The lymph is a significant piece of the body’s immunity. It helps battle antigens and infections. 

Suppose lymphoma is not treated, then the cancer cells are abnormally without control. Consequently, they overcrowd and interfere with other organs. Besides, this condition weakens the immune system. Result, it gets harder for your body to battle antigens and infection. Normal symptoms are swollen lymph hubs, night sweats, weakness and weight reduction. 

As lymphoma spreads further, it can attack different organs like the bone marrow or stomach related organs. This prompts dangerous complications like infections, digestive blockages and organ failure. In some cases, the bone marrow becomes excessively crowded to make blood cells.

However, the good news is most lymphomas respond well to proper treatment. Over 70% of patients can beat this cancer completely, especially when caught early. Prompt treatment prevents the lymphoma from worsening and spreading too far.

So you must not ignore or delay any suspicious signs of swollen nodes, sweats, or fatigue. Get checked by a doctor immediately. 

Yes, but it is much more difficult than earlier stages. At this stage 4, the lymphoma cancer spreads to other organs. This makes the cancer harder to treat. More intensive therapies are required to reduce the widespread cancerous cells.Despite this challenge, modern treatments can still cure stage 4 lymphoma patients. High-dose chemotherapy is a common approach. Radiation may also be used alongside chemo. Stem cell transplants that rebuild the immune system sometimes work.New immunotherapy drugs that unlock the body’s defenses show great promise too. These can reach and destroy lymphoma cells all over the body. When combined with other treatments, they further raise chances of a cure.The key is to follow the full prescribed treatment plan strictly without skipping. With early stage 4 lymphoma, over 50% of patients can be cured using aggressive therapy. Even for later-stage cases, cures are possible in 20-30% of patients.So do not give up hope if diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. Better treatments are becoming available. Talk to cancer specialists about all options. A positive mindset and compliance with intensive therapies are vital for the best outcome.

Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment is successful nowadays. Many people are cured completely. With the right treatment approach, over 70% of patients beat this cancer. The success rate is even higher for cases caught early.

The treatment aims to send the lymphoma into full remission. This means no more signs of cancer in the body. Remission allows the person to regain normal health. Proper treatment is very important to achieve remission.

There are different treatment options that can lead to success. Conventional treatments work for many cases while immunotherapy drugs are also very successful in boosting the immune system. They have fewer side effects compared to chemo.

At centers like Punarjan, integrative Ayurvedic therapy is used successfully. This combines modern treatments with powerful detoxifying herbal formulas. The herbs work deeply to rejuvenate the body’s immunity. Many patients achieve complete remission through this natural approach.

Maintaining healthy lifestyle practices after remission is crucial. This prevents the lymphoma from returning. With commitment to the full treatment plan, the majority of non-Hodgkin’s cases can be cured for good.

So have faith that non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is very treatable today. Follow your doctor’s guidance sincerely. Take all prescribed medications as advised. With timely treatment and self-care, you too can overcome this cancer successfully.