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Breast cancer moreover affects women as compared to men. It is scarce in men that won’t indicate symptoms early, and as per reports of the American cancer society (ACS), the risk factor of breast cancer in men is approximately 1 in 830 men. Breast cancer in men can occur at any age, but above 60 years older men have a high chance of getting breast cancer. If a man can notice signs of breast cancer, that may help to cure early and save your life.

Breast cancer in men is identified in the non-functional milk ducts, breast tissues, and glands. Men have fatty tissues, ducts, and breast cells. Breast tissues are very similar to a pre-puberty girl in men, but these breast tissues do not grow much because men have low female hormones. These cancer cells are grown abnormal and forms tumors in the body. This tumor can begin or malignant. Malignant tumors are very dangerous and can spread cancer to other parts of thebody, leading to Mestastatic breast cancer. Begin tumors are wont to spread to other parts of the body.

Generally, Breast cancer starts in the ducts that carry the milk to nipples in women and men, but these ducts are not functional like women’s ducts and won’t produce milk. Breast cancer is growing into other breast tissues: sarcomas and lymphomas.

Common Breast Cancer Types In Men And Women Are:

  1. Invasive ductal carcinoma is one of the most common breast cancer types in men, and cancer cells start in the ducts and spread beyond the cells lining the ducts. This can metastatic to other body parts also.
  2. Inflammatory breast cancer: the breast tissues become red and swollen without causing any lumps, but the skin is dimpled and feels warm to out.
  3. Invasive lobular carcinoma: in this type of breast cancer, cells are developed in the lobules and spread to the nearby breast tissues.
  4. Paget’s breast disease: cancer cells begin in the ducts and spread near the nipples of the breast.

These are the common types of breast cancer in both men and women. Treatment of breast cancer depends upon the type and stage of breast cancer.

Breast cancer is spread through lymph nodes, and it can spread to other body parts of the body. These lymph nodes are consisting of lymph vessels that carry fluids to the breast. Usually, these lymph nodes are formed under the arms, inside the breast bones, below the collar bones. If the cancer cells are spread to lymph nodes, that can lead to surgery to remove cancer in lymph nodes.

Common Signs Or Symptoms Of Breast Cancer In Men Are:

There are different types of indicates and breast cancer symptoms observed in men when breast cancer affects, including breast swelling, changes in breast skin texture, and more complicated breast.

  • Nipple issues: nipples may inward turn, a sign of breast cancer. Bloody fluid or clear fluids are released from the nipples.
  • Breast lump: under your arm, lumps may form and grow, and it is hard and painless compared to women. The nodes are included in petite sizes.
  • Pain: you may have mass lumps under the arm or breast without causing pain or massive pain.
  • The appearance of breast: you can identify the change of size and shape of breasts. Sometimes dimples are formed in breasts that look like orange skin and create red skin, swallow skin, and scaly.

Causes of men’s breast cancer are testicular diseases, hormone therapy, liver cirrhosis, Klinefelter’s syndrome, mutations, etc. If you have any of these causes consult best doctor from best breast cancer hospital.

Risk Factors Of Breast Cancer In Men:

  • Alcohol consumption.
  • Lack of exercise.
  • Family history.
  • Age.
  • Obesity.

How Is Breast Cancer Diagnosed In Men?

The diagnosing of breast cancer in men is based on age and early symptoms. Some tests are used to detect breast cancer men those are

  • Biopsy.
  • Mammography.
  • Ultrasound.
  • Examination of nipple discharge.
  • Clinical breast examination.

What Are The Stages Of Breast Cancer In Men?

it is based on size, location, and spread of the tumor to nearby lymph nodes or tissues doctor will decide the stage and starts the Breast cancer treatment.

Stage 0: the cancer cells begin in ducts and do not spread to other parts of the body organs.

Stage 1: the tumor does not spread to the lymph nodes, and the cancer is small.

Stage 2: in this stage, the tumor size is between 20 -50 mm and spreads to the lymph nodes of the armpits.

Stage 3: cancer cells will spread to the lymph nodes of the chest wall.

Stage 4: cancer cells spread over other organs such as the liver, bones, and brain.

After confirming the stage of breast cancer, treatment will start. Breast cancer treatments are chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, and surgery, and these treatments are based on the patient’s health condition and stage and location of cancer. It is better to take Ayurveda treatment rather than allopathic because Punarjan Ayurveda provides natural treatment with good remedies without causing any side effects.

How To Reduce The Risk Of Breast Cancer In Men?

Some factors will help you to save from breast cancer in men. You can reduce the risk of breast cancer, but we can’t prevent Breast cancer in men.

  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Avoid alcohol completely.
  • Do regular checkups.
  • Do exercise every day for 2 hours at least.
  • If your family has breast cancer patients, do genital testing for gene mutations.

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If you have any of these Breast Cancer Symptoms in Men, take Ayurveda treatment, and it will help reduce the cause of the disease and help you come out of lung cancer. For this, consider the Best Cancer Hospital In Hyderabad – Punarjan Ayurveda.


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