Stimulate The Immune System Without Affecting The Body

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In Ayurveda, the work immunity has been referred to as a state of equilibrium of Oja, Bala, and Prakrit Kapha in adversities. Ayurvedic herbal medicine has a potential therapeutic use in modulating immune response and is the current focal point of many scientific researches. While talking about the immune system, immunomodulators are chemicals that can influence both innate and adaptive immunity. This had a relationship with Rasayana in Ayurveda. Rasa, Agni, and Strotas are the three areas of the body where Rasayanas function.

The current article is a brief review of the minerals and herbs that make up Panchamruta Rasa or Panchadasa. It has remarkable immunomodulatory potential which can determine the relationship between Rasayana and its immunomodulatory effects. 

In general, ayurvedic scriptures and online publications are used to analyze minerals and herbs. This is where we find them demonstrating their immunomodulatory properties. In addition, this demonstrates their ability to function as; 

  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-stress
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Vaccination adjuvant
  • Immunity to disease property.

A Little Discussion On Immunomodulator:

Immunomodulators are those that reduce or control the immune system’s activity. Immunomodulation can change an organism’s immune system by interfering with its functions. 

  • It causes an improvement in immunological responses
  • These responses reduce the inflammatory response. 
  • Natural immunomodulators work to support the compromised immune system. 
  • Raw plants include sterols and sterolins – organic immunomodulators. 

Either way, they can serve as:

  1. Immunosuppressants
  2. Immunostimulants

Wrap Up:

To talk about cancer cases, the Rasayana medication is used extensively for immune response regulation. Because prolonged stress has an immunosuppressive effect that is harmful to the defense system of the human body.  As already said, the clinical usage of rasayana medicines is extensive, and this includes treating chronic illnesses. Even cancer is a condition where oxidative free radicals are thought to be the cause. As a result, the lowering of oxidative stress may be the cause of some, if not all, of their therapeutic effects. 

In addition to the above, they also have a similar mechanism at play in their anti-aging. Rasayana are said to have antioxidant properties.

Since Rasayana medications are used to achieve the goal of immunological strengthening among people suffering with serious illnesses, they are currently regarded as one of the most effective practices in the management of cancer.

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