Top 15 Early Cancer Symptoms In Women

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In India more than 90% of the women are diagnosed with this cancer compared to the last 5 years. The signs of cancer in the early stage which are particularly relevant to breast, cervix, mouth, larynx, colon and rectum, and skin. This is most dangerous; it will affect the whole body and lead to an illness. 

15 Signs And Symptoms Of Cancer In Women Are: 

  •  Nagging cough 
  • A sore that does not heal 
  • Unusual bleeding or discharge 
  • Indigestion or difficulty in swallowing 
  • obvious change in a mole 
  • changing in skin 
  • Swelling in your lymph nodes 
  • Extreme stomach pain
  • Sudden weight loss
  • pains in the pelvis
  • Postmenopausal bleeding
  • Sudden persistent fatigue
  • Vocal changes
  • Infections & frequent fevers
  • Bruising excessively

To treat this type of cancer in women, please consider an oncology specialist for women.

Nagging Cough

Nagging cough is the symptom most likely to show up early on . A nagging cough is also known as chronic cough. It leads to lung cancer , lung cancer mostly affects pregnant women. It shows as in a tumor and it can trigger a cough even if the tumor is relatively small.

A Sore That Does Not Heal

a sore that doesn’t heal leads to skin cancer . It is due to causes of deep burns, surgeries, being immobile ,significant trauma injury to the skin and some types of vascular disease etc.barriers to wound healing are dead skin, infection and hemorrhage.

Unusual Bleeding

unusual or irregular bleeding is the most common sympotum of invasive cervical cancer .mostly The bleeding occurs between the perios and after the sex .Along with bleeding, people also begin to experience unsual vaginal discharge like white, clear and brown etc.

Indigestion Or Difficulty In Swallowing 

Indigestion or difficulty in swallowing is an early symptom of stomach cancer. Stomach cancer is caused due to indigestion, diarrhea, loss of appetite, discomfort in the abdomen and more pain in the stomach. The symptoms are weakness and fatigue and vomiting, unexplained weight loss.

Obvious Change In A Mole

an obvious change in a mole leads  to skin disease . This is small and size and becomes bigger as it spreads  over the body . It affects the skin and causes itching, infection and allergy.

Changing In Skin

As an early symptom the skin becomes changed and it causes other skin diseases  and the signs and symptoms are reddened skin itching , yellowish skin and dark red colour eyes and darker in skin(hyperpigmentation) ect.. it causes skin cancer.

Swelling In Your Lymph Nodes

swelling in your lymph nodes usually occurs as a result of infection from bacteria or viruses. swollen lymph nodes are caused by cancer . These lymph nodes are known as lymph glands . symptoms are tenderness and pain in the lymph nodes and swelling that may be in the size of a pea.

Extreme Stomach Pain

The extreme stomach pain causes disorder causing pain in the stomach,wind and diarrhoea and the symptoms are change in bowel habits ,recurrent abdominal pain and gastrointestinal disease. This leads to stomach cancer.

Sudden Weight Loss

Unexpected sudden weight loss leads to cancer .It makes a person weak and indicates an underlying condition. it may be muscle loss, overactive thyroid, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease  and diabetes etc..

Pains In The Pelvis

This is mostly seen in pregnant women. Some women develop pelvic pain in pregnancy time called pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain (PGP) .women with PGP may feel pain in  spreading to your thighs, in the area between your vagina.

Postmenopausal Bleeding

Postmenopausal bleing is also0 known as vaginal bldeeding .if your are gon through menopause, you should not have any menstrual blding. it causes polyps,vginal atrophy,sexually transmitted diseases, medications and endometrial atrophy. it lead to blood cancer in women. it mostly seen in matured girls and pregnant womens.

Sudden Persistent Fatigue

Sudden persistent fatigue can occur if a person engages in extensive physical activity. It has affected a person’s health and it causes allergies. It leads to blood cancer and diabetes.

Vocal Changes

During pregnancy you may experience many changes in your body, sometimes your vocal also changes it causes due to swelling of your vocal chords, pregnancy hormones, excuses of more  body fluids and changes in your lung capacity . this leads to stomach cancer in pregnant women.

Infections & Frequent Fevers

If you are pregnant women, chronic infectious diseases may be contracted .The common cold, flu, bacterial infections, listeriosis, covid 19 can cause a fever during pregnancy and it leads to cancer so as soon as possible consult a doctor if not it may affect the body also.

Bruising Excessively

bruising excessively occurs mostly in older adults due to when small blood vessels near the skin surface are broken by the impact of an injury.  women are especially more  prone to bruising than others and this can lead to skin cancer.

What Are The Symptoms Of Asymptomatic Cancers In Early And Later

Cancer type Early symptomsLater stage symptoms
1.Breast cancer   Lump in breastSwelling of breast or arm ; pain
2. kidney cancerLower back pain , often on one sideUnexplained weight loss , fever
3.lung cancer Persistent or worsening coughUnexplained weight loss, fever one side 
4.pancreatic  cancerJaundice; back painSwelling ;  digestion       problems ;weight loss
5. Prostate  cancerDifficulty urinating ;blood in  Bladder problems ; losing bowel urine  control, groin soreness
6. leukemia Flu – like symptoms ; easy  Bone and joint pain; bruising  weakness; swollen lymph nodes
7. melanoma Mole that has an irregular  Hardened lump under the skin; shape  swollen lymph nodes

Like this number of cancers is affected by women’s bodies for cancer treatment consider oncology specialists for women. 

Is It Important To Catch Cancer Early And Why? 

As early as possible we have better consider the doctor for screening and better cancer treatment. Skin cancer, testicular cancer, breast cancer are the major issues or health problems most people are facing nowadays, it’s very important to check with a doctor at regular times. Early diagnosis improves cancer outcomes by providing care at the earliest possible stage and it could be easy to do a treatment at low cost and it gives more enjoyable life and easily out from the diseases. . 

Nowadays, the most common cancer treatments are surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. We can go through other options including targeted therapy, laser, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy and others. Oncology specialists for women are available at market. It’s better to meet and talk with a doctor once a month and the best piranha ayurveda products are available in medical stores near you. It’s very helpful for your treatment without any side effects. 

Top 5 Signs Of Breast Cancer In Women 

● Changes to the skin over the breast, such as dimpling 

● Peeling, scaling, crusting or flaking of the pigmented area of skin surrounding the nipple 

● Redness of the skin over your breast like the skin of an orange

 ● it may change in size, shape or appearance of a breast 

● A breast lump

What Are Causes And Preventions Of Cancer In Women

 Cause Of Cancer In Women 

                  ● Inherited genes that increase cancer risk 

                  ● Obesity 

                  ● beginning your period at a younger age 

                  ● having a child at an older age early   

                  ● Postmenopausal hormone therapy 

                  ● over consumption alcohol 

Preventions Of Cancer 

● Screening tests at regular intervals of those who are at higher risk e.g., people who have a family history of cancers or who are exposed to ionizing radiation. 

● Vaccination against hepatitis b virus and human papillomavirus.

● A diet low in fat and high in fiber, fruits, and vegetables lowers the risk of certain types of cancers. 

● Avoiding known causes of cancer like tobacco use, radiation exposure etc 

● Lifestyle changes 

● Regular preventive complete body checkup.  For this all cancer treatment, consider oncology specialists for women and use the our products for better results available in stores and giving the best output without any side effects


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