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Why is Ayurveda Treatment the best for Cancer?

Cancer is one of the most effective leading causes of dead full and dangerous disease and it spreading drastically worldwide. Cancer is in a generic form with a group of diseases and it can affect any part of the body at any age. Most of the cancer patients take cancer treatment from western doctors in the western methods. Many scientists research a lot and prepare different types of methods or treatments to reduce cancer. All the western treatments cause more side effects and treatments are also very effective. These treatments are highly involved in drugs, radiation, surgeries to remove cancer cells from the body. But still don’t have a sure shot cure for cancer in western treatment.


What is ayurvedic treatment?

Ayurveda stimulates the self-healing abilities of the body and Ayurveda is very oldest Indian indigenous medicine system. The products of Ayurveda are made with plant drugs and using these drugs suppressing various tumors from the tissues of the body. Scientists are also doing research on alternative medicine for cancer. Cancer is inflammatory in the Ayurvedic concept according to Charaka and Sushruta Samhitas. Ayurveda believes that every human-made up of the five elements present in the environment such as air, water, earth, fire, and space, and these elements from three energies are Kapha, Vata, and pitta. These are different and types and cancer patients are also having these three stages to take treatment. Cancer patients have treatment doshes that depend upon the patient’s condition and Ayurvedic doctors’ give an Ayurvedic diet to cancer patients to follow and reduce cancer risk factors and side effects from it. Cancer forms like malignant tumors; sometimes tumors go out of control and also lose mutual coordination between tridoshas and cause tissue damages. This is a very serious and critical condition to cancer patients that time as soon as possible consult the best Ayurvedic doctor and take Ayurvedic cancer treatment immediately.

Why choose Ayurveda Treatment?

The main aim of Ayurvedic treatment is to remove the cancer cells from their roots and keep people healthy. In cancer Ayurvedic therapy, there are four categories to treat cancer patients such are Prakritisthapani chikista, Rasayana chikista, Roganashani chikista, and Naishthiki chikista. Prakritisthapani chikista is used to maintain the health of a cancer patient. Rasayana chikista is used to restorative of normal function. Roganashani is used to cure diseases of a person. Naishthiki chikista is used for a spiritual approach. Ayurvedic herbs are very powerful to reduce the cancer cells present in the tissues of the body. The treatment is also in a very natural way and generic that makes person heather. These herbs are reducing the side effects caused by cancer treatments. Some plants have anti-cancer properties that are used to cure cancer such are   Pterospermum acerifolium, Caltrops gigantean, Flacourtia romantchi, Vitus viniferous, Baliospermum montanum, Madhuca indica, Datura metel, Hygrophila, Ficus bengalensis, Oxoxylum indicum, Basella rubra, Juniperus indica, Moringa oleifera, Nigella sativa, Madhuca indica, Pandanus odoratissimum and etc. it is better to consult Ayurvedic cancer hospital for more information about Ayurvedic cancer treatment. Ayurvedic medicine is given to cancer patients in the form of bowel cleaning, yoga, meditation, massage, herbal medicine, breathing and relaxation techniques, Ayurvedic medications, special diets and etc.

What are the safety measures of Ayurvedic medicines?

When it comes to western cancer treatments, so many medical effective treatments are available such are surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, radiation therapy and etc. these cancer treatments use high energy powerful drugs and radiations, and these radiations are enters into the patient body and affects other body parts and leads to causing other types of diseases. But, in Ayurvedic treatment, Ayurvedic doctors won’t use any medical treatments and drugs. They do treatment in a very natural way with the help of therapies such are in the form of mediations, yoga, diets and etc. Most Ayurvedic medicines are made from natural plants herbs and in 2012 US research governmen6ts gives unlicensed, if Ayurvedic medicines contain any toxic materials like iron, mercury arsenic and etc. from the time all the Ayurveda doctors are using any toxic substances in Ayurvedic medicine for any kind of treatments. So it is very safe to take Ayurvedic medicine for cancer.

So, many Ayurveda companies are using quality herbals products and maintain the best standers to make medicine and also they are noticed the doshes and quantity of herbs on the medicine for people to know about what t

Types of herbs are used to make the medicine. All companies are only use registered herbal products which are registered by the traditional herbal remedies (THR) scheme. You can identify by the mark of THR on the product for safety. Consult the best ayurvedic doctors for known more information on herbal products and take the best Ayurvedic cancer treatment.

Cancer healing and prevention by Ayurveda

Ayurvedic treatment is holistic and very depth in cancer. The Ayurvedic treatment of cancer patient depends upon the condition of the patient and the treatment very effects on cells of the tissues of the body and this treatment focus on the whole body. The treatments are purified the toxins present in the body and clean the wasted blood and promote circulation, assist in healing the tissues, and shifts the stagnation of the blood. Some holistic methods of Ayurveda to cure cancer are killing toxins through panchakarma, restoration through rasayanas, restoration of digestive functions, consumes fresh meat, and etc.

Ayurveda starts 5000 years ago and it still works as the best treatment for any type of cancer without causing any side effects .when compared to western medical treatment, Ayurvedic treatments are more natural and the medicines are also made with natural plants and herbs.  A doctor has therapies that arevery effective and gives good health and mindfulness diets.

Preventions measures of cancer in Ayurveda

Try to avoid risk factors at the early stage of cancer. Those are

• Always try to engage in regular physical activities.

• Maintain optimum weight.

• Eat plant-based diet foods which are rich in fruits and vegetables.

• Avoid consuming alcohol.

• Take food at the regular time.

• Stop using tobacco.

• Restrict the intake of preserved meat and red meat like beef, pork and etc. These are some preventive measures of cancer to avoid and Ayurveda is playing a major role incurable of cancer patients and increases your life span

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