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Padmavathi _ Ovarian Cancer Survior _ Testimonial

Padmavathi Ovarian Cancer Survivor

Padmavathi _ Ovarian Cancer Survior _ Testimonial

Padmavathi was a simple woman who carried out her responsibilities as a responsible wife and mother. She desired to spend the rest of her life with her family in happiness.

Mrs. Padmavathi was confronted with unforeseen circumstances when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Let us now look at how Padmavati, who was suffering from Ovarian Cancer, came to Punarjan Ayurveda and conquered the disease.

Mrs. Padmavathi is a 58 years old woman. She is from Andhra Pradesh’s Krishna District. Mrs. Padmavathi has a lovely family consisting of a husband and two children. The couple worked hard and provided for both of their sons. As a result of their hard work, both sons achieved success in their lives and moved to America.

Mrs. Padmavathi was staying with her tenants and their families while her sons were in America. She used to treat them as if they were her own family.

Like any other housewife, she used to perform puja at home, watch serials in the evening, and cook anything the children want when they return to India. This is the world she is familiar with.

Mrs. Padmavathi wished to spend the rest of her life following the same routine. Her physical state changed as she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This is a lesson from the god that he has planned your life apart from your perspective.


Mrs. Padmavathi went to the nearby hospital a few days ago since she was feeling fatigued. The doctors evaluated her, gave her temporary treatment, and advised her to proceed to a bigger hospital.

Mrs. Padmavati, who was thought to have a common problem at the time, went to a big hospital and underwent surgery per the doctor’s orders. She was called back to the hospital 15 days after the treatment because she was displaying signs of cancer.

Suspicion gave way to sympathy. Mrs. Padmavathi’s family was overwhelmed in pain, dread, and anxiety. The husband couldn’t stand seeing Padmavati so eager, lively, and moving before his eyes. Padmavati’s family members were saddened to see her in this state. Padmavati used to remain in their house, spending almost the entire day together in one area, and they were heartbroken to see her in such a state.

It began with boredom and progressed to receiving treatment at a renowned cancer hospital in Hyderabad. Even with that treatment, however, they were dissatisfied. Mrs. Padmavati stated that the son’s friend underwent treatment at “Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital” and immediately took Padmavati there.


Doctor Guide

Mrs. Padmavathi came to Punarjan Ayurveda Cancer Hospital in Miyapur, believing in Punarjan Ayurveda, and underwent therapy for six months. This is how Mrs. Padmavathi, who had cancer treatment, went through her journey from receiving Ayurvedic treatment to becoming cancer-free.

Expressing her happiness, Mrs. Padmavathi stated, “We went to the hospital because it was a bit dull. They gave me temporary treatment there and advised me to go to a big hospital. After that we went to a famous cancer hospital in Hyderabad. We also took treatment. But we are not satisfied. Recently our son’s friend told him to go to Punarjan Ayurvedic Cancer Hospital in Miyapur and people who have been treated there are getting relief from cancer. Having faith in Punarjan, we started taking treatment there.”


Recovery Story

Mrs. Padmavathi stated, “After taking treatment in Punarjan, there were no side effects. Medicines were also easy to use. Now recovered from cancer and living happily with my family again. Thanks to Punarjan for giving me my beautiful and healthy life again.”

Talking about Mrs, Padmavathi, who has returned to normal, the husband said that that doctor’s at “Punarjan Ayurveda” took a good care of her. Treatment is also very good.

Moreover, he expressed his gratitude by saying, “Thank you Punarjan for providing us such a service.”

Similarly, Mrs. Padmavati’s tenants stated, “After getting cancer, Padmavati aunty was extremely depressed when they saw her.” Suffering from conditions such as vomiting and motion sickness. We were terrified when they saw her, but we couldn’t see her. We are devastated and are unsure what will happen.

The tenants added, “Aunty said that she will be taking medicines for the next six months. Even after taking the medicines, we saw several positive changes in her. Aunty is getting normal and started doing her business again. We are overjoyed to see all of this. Punarjan Ayurvedic medicines were effective for Aunty.”

Furthermore, they said, “Cancer is well known for causing problems in a variety of ways. We’ve also witnessed people dying from cancer. When one sees Auntie’s healing with Punarjan, one gains a lot of faith in Punarjan treatment. Furthermore, the fact that the condition is being treated without surgery is fantastic.”

“Thank you Punarjan for such wonderful care,” Mrs. Padmavathi’s husband expressed his gratitude.

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