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Subhashini _ Breast Cancer Survior _ Testimonial (1)

Subhashini stage IV Breast Cancer Survivor

subhashini breast cancer survivor


Patient Characteristics

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: N/A
  • Occupation: Housemaker
  • Primary Symptoms: Physical Discomfort Due to Pain
  • Comorbidities: Stage 4 Breast Cancer
  • Past Medical Hx: N/A
  • Previous care or treatment: Conventional Treatments

Profile and Symptoms

Subhashini’s tale unfolds in the serene district of Nellore, amidst the quaint streets of Agraharams. A diligent homemaker, she diligently tends to the daily chores and the needs of her family, a routine that has become second nature to her.

However, amidst the tranquility of her domestic life, Subhashini faces a formidable adversary: stage IV breast cancer. Despite the physical agony that accompanies her every step, she refuses to succumb to the overwhelming dread that cancer instills. 

Instead, she confronts her illness with unparalleled courage, refusing to let it define or confine her existence. Each day, she grapples with the relentless pain, yet she finds solace in her resilience, transforming her suffering into a steadfast companion.

Subhashini’s journey is not merely a tale of endurance but a testament to the unwavering spirit of rejuvenation that courses through her veins. Defying the notion of surrendering to fate, she embraces the belief in revitalization and restoration—the possibility of renewal and restoration even amidst the darkest times. 

Her story is a beacon of hope, illuminating the path for others embroiled in similar battles and inspiring them to persevere and reclaim their lives with unwavering determination.



As Subhashini’s journey towards recovery unfolded, she started noticing positive changes in her overall health. Subhashini initially experienced constant pain in her hands and eyes, but as these discomforts gradually subsided, she started to feel better. Moreover, the unsettling sensations in her chest and difficulties in breathing also began to alleviate, signifying a positive shift in her health.

However, amidst these improvements, there were still challenging moments. Despite her progress, there were occasions when Subhashini found herself unable to walk even short distances. These episodes of physical limitation presented formidable obstacles in her path to recovery. Seeking medical assistance, she visited local hospitals, hoping to find relief. Yet, despite their best efforts, the prescribed medications failed to provide the desired results. Instead, her condition seemed to deteriorate gradually over the passing years.

At one particularly distressing point, Subhashini found herself unable to lift her arms—a stark reminder of the severity of her condition. These physical limitations served as constant reminders of the challenges she faced in her battle against illness, underscoring the urgency of finding effective solutions to alleviate her suffering.


Doctor Guide

Understanding her condition, Subhashini’s family members took her to a hospital in Nellore. After conducting various tests, they confirmed that she had breast cancer. The doctors there informed her that the cancer had spread from her breast to her bones.

Subsequently, Subhashini was taken to a cancer hospital in Chennai for treatment. After thorough examinations, doctors initiated her cancer treatment. However, even after receiving treatment, her condition did not improve for two to three months.

During that time, Subhashini’s life took a turn for the worse, filled with uncertainty.

Realizing the severity of the situation, Subhashini’s family members took her to a hospital in Chennai. There, doctors conducted further tests and concluded that she had cancer in her body. The tumor had significantly reduced in size, according to the reports.


The Path to Recovery


Subhashini was then referred for treatment at a renowned cancer hospital in Chennai. Despite initial doubts about whether she would receive adequate care there, her family trusted the doctors and admitted her. In December 2022, Subhashini was admitted to Punarjan Ayurveda. Since then, she has been undergoing treatment at the hospital.

Within two months of starting treatment, Subhashini noticed improvements in her health. The medications prescribed by the Punarjan doctors were effective. Her health stabilized, and she could perform her daily activities more comfortably. The pain in her body subsided, and her breathing problems vanished. Furthermore, recent tests showed that the cancer in her body had regressed and the tumor size had significantly reduced. This remarkable turnaround in her health was the result of Punarjan’s efforts.

Subhashini’s family thanked Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital for providing such remarkable results. They also extended their special thanks to the management of Punarjan Ayurveda for their exceptional care and treatment.



After just two months of enduring unimaginable pain, Subhashini is enjoying life to the fullest, thanks to Punarjan’s incredible intervention. This is the wonderful outcome of Subhashini’s journey through cancer, as witnessed in her own words.

We have come to understand Subhashini’s journey through cancer, her words, and the outcome of her health problem, thanks to Punarjan’s intervention.

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