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VSR Murthy_ Rectal Cancer Survior _ Testimonial

VSR Murthy Rectal Cancer Survival Story

VSR Murthy_ Rectal Cancer Survior _ Testimonial

Profile & Symptoms

In this inspiring rectal cancer survivor story, we delve into the triumph of VSR Murthy, a retired electrical engineer who overcame a critical stage of rectal cancer within a mere five months. Despite being in his seventies and bedridden, Mr. Murthy’s unwavering determination led him to find solace in Ayurvedic treatments at Punarjan Ayurveda Cancer Hospital, Hyderabad, as a powerful alternative to chemotherapy.


VSR Murthy, a disciplined individual who dedicated his life to fulfilling his responsibilities, experienced a sudden and unexpected turn of events when he was diagnosed with rectal cancer. At 79 years old, Mr. Murthy woke up one day to find himself bleeding from his rectum. Alarmed by this startling development, he sought advice from an ENT surgeon, who suggested a colonoscopy to identify the root cause. Subsequently, a biopsy confirmed his worst fear – rectal cancer.


Upon learning of his cancer diagnosis, Mr. Murthy’s family felt devastated, realizing the impact this would have on his well-deserved retirement years. Reluctant to undergo surgery and chemotherapy, Mr. Murthy agreed to six days of radiation treatment, only to face unbearable stomach pain and severe diarrhea that left him bedridden and reliant on diapers. Feeling trapped in this misery, he sought an alternative solution.


Doctor Guide

Driven by his desire to find a treatment option with no negative side effects, Mr. Murthy discovered Punarjan Ayurvedic Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad. Recognized for its excellent Ayurvedic treatment for cancer, the Punarjan Hospital became the turning point in Mr. Murthy’s life. With guidance from respected Ayurvedic Cancer Doctor Bommu Venkateshwar Reddy, Mr. Murthy began his journey to recovery, welcoming a new chapter in his life.


Recovery Story

Under the care of Punarjan Ayurveda Cancer Hospital, Mr. Murthy’s condition began to improve significantly within a month of treatment initiation. He regained his strength and independence, impressing his wife, Mrs. Vishalakshi, who expressed her gratitude for the remarkable work done by Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital. His daughters also witnessed the amazing transformation, relieved to see their father’s vitality return after enduring the hardships of conventional treatment. Punarjan Ayurveda emerged as a true pioneer in Ayurvedic Cancer Treatment, restoring hope and illuminating countless lives.



As we reflect on VSR Murthy’s triumph over rectal cancer, we are reminded of the power of nature and Ayurvedic treatments in overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges. His story serves as a testament to the effectiveness of Punarjan Ayurveda Cancer Hospital, where his problem and his family’s sorrow were successfully alleviated. With the resounding words, “Jai Punarjan,” Mrs. Murphy encapsulates the magnificence of Ayurveda, revealing its profound impact on individuals worldwide. Mr. Murthy’s victory sends a powerful message that no problem is beyond nature’s ability to heal.

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