Interlinkage of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cancer

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Interlinkage of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cancer


These days people are changing their normal lifestyles and diets to western types and so increased the risks of obesity and its related health issues. Clear correlation exists in our lifestyle, so cancer can be considered a “western” disease not a genetic one.


As indicated by investigations of the American Diabetes Association, diabetes doubles the chance of risk of liver, pancreatic, and endometrial cancers. Diabetes likewise increases 20 to 50 percent of the danger of colorectal and breast cancers.


So, we can  relate cancer as a disease of metabolism other than genetic mutations with the above evidence that creates a close association among obesity, type-2 diabetes and cancer.


Obesity is basically a disease of hyperinsulinemia as the term defines more insulin in the blood. In general people mistakenly think obesity is due to excess calorie intake, in fact it is a hormonal disorder of excessive insulin. 


Type-2 diabetes is also of hyperinsulinemia and often considered as insulin resistance.


Whereas in the case of cancer, a research study revealed that insulin helps in growth of cancer cells and they will shrink, ultimately die without the insulin.


Another study injecting insulin for diabetic patients reported that treatment with insulin had a 90% percent risk of cancer. It says more insulin equals more cancer. We all know insulin is a hormone of glucose metabolism but we have to know that insulin is a nutrient sensor and is a highly potent growth factor.


As insulin levels in the body denote the presence of nutrients in the blood and the nutrients have to go to the cells for energy production and metabolic activities. Due to untime, excessive eating and less regular physical exercise, cells don’t take the nutrient, glucose from the blood as cells already have optimum glucose. It may lead to insulin resistance and type-2 diabetes.


Excess glucose is converted into fats and may develop obesity by depositing it in the abdominal region. Fats further may cause inflammation in the body and lead to various cancers. Insulin acts as a growth hormone and increases PI3K and activates its pathway that redirects the cells to growth. By this insulin inturn stimulates the cell growth and has most obvious implications for development of cancer.


Controlling the degrees of insulin and glucose should be possible by following a lifestyle of ordinary actual activity, restricting the utilisation of refined sugars, and a legitimate eating plan. So we can prevent the risk of type-2 diabetes, obesity, and various cancers.


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