Cancer Awareness Days In The Year 2024

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Cancer Awareness

it is essential to be aware of cancer and health awareness days in 2020. We are prepared a complete list of cancer and health awareness days, months, and weeks. Follow the below chat, be safe, and make regular checkups with the doctor from the Best Cancer Hospital.


NO.                   DISEASEDAY / MONTH /WEEKColor
1.Cervical Cancer Awareness MonthJANUARYTeal/White
2.National Cancer PreventionFEBRUARY 
3.Gallbladder and Bile Duct Cancer AwarenessFEBRUARYKelly Green
4.World Cancer DayFEB 4 
5.National Donor DayFEB 14 
6.Rare Disease DayFEB 28 
7.Colorectal Cancer AwarenessMARCHDark Blue
8.Myeloma Action MonthMARCHBurgundy
9.National Kidney Cancer AwarenessMARCHOrange
10.Triple Negative Breast Cancer DayMARCH 3 
11.Lymphedema Awareness DayMARCH 6 
12.Anal Cancer Awareness DayMARCH 21 
13.Testicular Cancer AwarenessAPRILOrchid
14.Esophageal Cancer AwarenessAPRILPeriwinkle
15.Head and Neck Cancer AwarenessAPRILBurgundy/Ivory
16.National Minority Health AwarenessAPRIL 
17.Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness WeekAPR. 3 -9 
18.National Infertility Awareness WeekAPR. 24-30 
19.Bladder Cancer AwarenessMAYMarigold/Blue/Purple
20.Brain Cancer AwarenessMAYGrey
21.Melanoma and Skin Cancer AwarenessMAYBlack
22.Oncology NursingMAY 
23.Mental HealthMAY 
24.National Nurses DayMAY 6 
25.Nurses’ WeekMay 6-12 
26.World Ovarian Cancer DayMAY 8 
27.Women’s Health WeekMay 8-14 
28.National Cancer SurvivorJUNE 
29.Men’s HealthJUNE 
30.National Cancer Survivor’s DayJUNE 5 
31.Men’s Health WeekJUN 13-19 
32.PTSD Awareness DayJUNE 27 
33.Sarcoma AwarenessJULY 
34.GIST Awareness DayJULY 13 
35.Blood Cancer AwarenessSEPTEMBER 
36.Childhood Cancer AwarenessSEPTEMBERGold
37.Gynecologic Cancer AwarenessSEPTEMBERPeach
38.Hodgkin’s Lymphoma AwarenessSEPTEMBERViolet
39.Leukemia AwarenessSEPTEMBEROrange
40.Lymphoma AwarenessSEPTEMBERLime Green
41.Ovarian Cancer AwarenessSEPTEMBERTeal
42.Prostate Cancer AwarenessSEPTEMBERLight Blue
43.Thyroid Cancer AwarenessSEPTEMBERTeal/Pink/Blue
44.National Women’s Health and Fitness DaySEP 28 
45.National Hereditary Breast and Ovarian CancerSEP. 25 – OCT.1 
46.Breast Cancer Awareness                MonthOCTOBERPink
47.National Blood Donor MonthOCTOBEREmerald Green
48.World Hospice & Palliative Care DayOCT 8 
49.Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness DayOCT 13 
50.National Mammography DayOCT 21 
51.Carcinoid Cancer AwarenessNOVEMBERZebra Stripe
52.Lung Cancer AwarenessNOVEMBERWhite
53.National Family CaregiversNOVEMBERPlum
54.Pancreatic Cancer AwarenessNOVEMBERPurple
55.Stomach Cancer AwarenessNOVEMBERPeriwinkle



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