Mediterranean Diet For Cancer Prevention

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How Is The Mediterranean Diet Best For Keeping Us Healthy And Preventing Cancer?

The Mediterranean diet is an excellent way to maintain our health and prevent cancer. One of the habits that can harm our health is not consuming the right food. The right food is one that is filled with nutrients. Many people in our country are suffering from nutritional deficiencies. The reason is the inability to consume a balanced diet, which is leading to an increase in health problems, a fact well known to all of us. Let’s now learn about the ‘Mediterranean Diet’, one of such dietary habits, and how this Mediterranean Diet can be beneficial for cancer patients in various ways.

What Is The Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet is a way of eating based on the traditional cuisine of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It involves consuming food derived from plants, primarily consisting of beans, fruits, dry fruits, and seeds (pumpkin, sesame, cucumber, and melon seeds). The Mediterranean diet is rich in good fats, dietary fiber, and carbohydrates, with a low glycemic index. Additionally, it contains high amounts of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. These elements help reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer or cardiovascular diseases. Let’s now delve deeper into the benefits derived from the Mediterranean diet.

The Mediterranean Diet Helps In Reducing Saturated Fat In Our Body:

The need for saturated fat in our body is quite minimal. If we consume it in excess, it increases the LDL (bad) cholesterol in our body. This bad cholesterol accumulates in our arteries. It also causes inflammation. The Mediterranean diet contains less saturated fat.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids And Unsaturated Fats Are Increased: 

The Mediterranean diet increases not only Omega-3 fatty acids but also healthy unsaturated fats in our body. Unsaturated fats improve the function of the brain. Moreover, they help to reduce inflammation in the body.

Reduces Sodium Levels: 

Foods high in sodium can increase blood pressure. This can lead to a higher risk of heart attack or stroke. The Mediterranean diet contains less sodium.

It Is Rich In Fiber And Antioxidants: 

Fiber helps in eliminating waste from the large intestine. And antioxidants neutralize free radicals, protecting us from diseases like cancer.

Why Is The Mediterranean Diet Considered Optimal For Preventing Cancer?

According to some studies, when compared with people living in Mediterranean countries, individuals in countries like the UK and USA are more prone to cancer. It has been observed by some scientists that people who consume a Mediterranean diet, which includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dry fruits, have a lower risk of developing cancer. Similarly, individuals who adhere to this diet have a lower chance of dying from cancer, including specific types such as colorectal and breast cancer. Additionally, the Mediterranean diet is said to reduce the proliferation of cancer diseases. The antioxidants present in the Mediterranean diet inhibit the free radicals in our body, thereby keeping diseases like cancer at bay.