What Are The Dietary Habits And Cancer?

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Cancer is the most effective and dangerous disease in the world.it is a form of group of diseases which affects the whole body. The abnormal growth of cancer cells in the tissues of the body is known as cancer. The cancer cells forms tumors that spreads whole parts of the body.

So, many risk factors that leads to cancer in your body. Your daily cancer diet is linked with cancer. Diet plan of cancer patients playing a major role to reduce the risk factors of cancer in early stages. Cancer may also come from family history or inherited genes. You can control cancer by avoiding risk factors of cancer.as per reports of American cancer society, one third of the cancer patients are dieting due to non-proper diet and lack of regular exercises. Cancers which are related to lung, liver, oral, ovarian, blood, bone, prostate, breast, thyroid are can be reduced with the eating of fruits and vegetables more. Ask your doctor about the proper diet to avoid risk factors of cancer during your early cancer treatment that can help you to reduce cancer slowly. Consult the best cancer hospital to take cancer treatment at an early stage.

What Are The Risk Factors Of Cancer?

It is very difficult to know about risk factors of cancer at an early stage. But, doctors can say some risk factors are developing the cancer in your body. Initially, Most of the cancer risk factors are identified in epidemiology studies.

Age and cancer risk: Age is also one of the risk factors for cancer. According to reports of NCIs surveillance, the median age of cancer diagnosis is 66 years and above. The increasing age leads to cancer in some people due to unplanned diet or any problems in the body. Some similar cancers like lung, liver, bone, uterine are diagnosed at the age of between 65 to 70 years. You cannot say the exact age; sometimes cancer can attack at the age of 20 years. Try to take cancer treatment at the early stage by the signs or symptoms of cancer.

Alcohol: Drinking of alcohol is also a risk factor of cancer which affects your lungs, larynx, liver, throat, and esophagus. Alcohol the more you drink that makes a higher risk factor for cancer. Tobacco usage increases the risk factor of cancer. If you have a drinking habit tries to reduce it slowly and take red wine. It may cause less risk of cancer as per reports of the federal government’s dietary guidelines of Americans.

Cancer causing substances: Sometimes cancer causing substances are in the environment that affects you and increase risk factors for cancer. An environmental exposure also damages your DNA in blood during replacement. These cause more risk factors towards cancer and are harmful. Some substances are listed that affects human health more such are aflatoxins, arsenic, asbestos, aristolochic acids, benzene, beryllium, cadmium, coal tar and coal tar pitch, coke oven emissions, erionite, formaldehyde, nickel compounds, radon, secondhand tobacco smoke, thorium, vinyl chloride, and wood dust. So, try to wear a mask and avoid these chemicals from the environment and lower your risk factor of cancer.

Chronic inflammation: These are normal physiological responses that cause injuries in the tissue and heal in the body. This inflammation happens due to the chemicals released by tissues in the body. White blood cells are made substances that can help to divide cells and grow to rebuild the tissue to repair the injuries in the body.in the case, the wound is healed and inflammatory ends. Chronic inflammation may also occur due to infections of the body and damages the DNA and leads to cancer.

Diet: A proper diet can makes you a person perfect. Lower the nutrients or proteins to a body are a risk of cancer. Scientists declared that these nutrients or proteins are acts a anticancer products in the body and fight against the cancer. Proper diet can reduce cancer in humans and gives more energy to fight against cancer cells in the tissues of the body.as a epidemiologic studies cancer and dietary are linked each other and reduced the risk factor.so try to prepare perfect proper plan of cancer diet and follow it and do regular exercise and avoid risk factors of cancer. If any person has cancer treatment, try to take Ayurveda treatment because it won’t cause any side effects and the treatment is also in a natural way.

Hormones: Some hormones like estrogens, carcinogens play major roles in causing cancer in both male and females. If a woman takes hormonal therapy that leads to breast cancer. These are mostly effects on females at the time of pregnancy and effects on the child also. Some women who take diethylstilbestrol (DES) at the time of pregnancy have a higher risk factor of breast cancer. This may affect their daughters to get vaginal cancer and it continues to his sons and grandchildren.

These are some risk factors that lead to cancer and few more are sunlight, radiation, obesity, infectious agents, immunosuppression, etc. Try to avoid these risk factors.

Healthy Dietary Habits:

· Eat more leafy vegetables.

· Limit eating fried food.

· Drink at least two liters of water every day.

· Eat more fish that gives more vitamins.

· Avoid alcohol.

· Reduce saturated and Trans fats.

· Cook food with olive oil.

· Increase more fiber consumption foods that provide more fiber to your body and eat more plant foods that are fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, grains etc.

· Take more fruit juices and glucose, coconut water that gives instant immune energy to your body.

· Do regular exercises every day for at least 2 hours.

These are some tips to be healthy and try to avoid cancer medical treatments that cause more side effects to the body and spread cancer to other parts of the body. Take Ayurveda treatment, which makes you healthier and the treatment also in a generic way that without causing any side effects. Ayurveda doctors treat patients in a natural way such as in the form of meditation, massage, yoga etc. The products of Ayurveda are also made with plants, stems, herbs and roots that make patients very healthy and reduce the cancer tumors from the body.


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