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What Is Breast Cancer:

Breast cancer is the most common cancer after skin cancer in women. It forms in the cells of the breast. Yearly, more than 30,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer. It will occur in both women and men but women are more affected by breast cancer.

Due to a lack of awareness of early symptoms of breast cancer treatment most of all are affected and some ignore the signs of breast cancer. It leads to low chances of survival. The common early symptoms of breast cancer are skin dimpling, nipple discharge and pain, swallowing in a part of the breast, nipples becoming red, and flaking. A lump in the breast is mostly related to breast cancer, these are not usual cancer but non-cancerous.


What Are The Common Causes Of Breast Lumps Are:

• Fibrocystic breast cancer

• Fibroadenoma

• Breast infections

• Fat necrosis.

There are two types of breast cancer are the involved one is noninvasive breast cancer and the other one is invasive breast cancer.

Non-Invasive Breast Cancer:

This is the first stage of breast cancer and it won’t spread from the original tissue.

Invasive Breast Cancer:

This stage is referred to as 1, 2, 3, and 4 and it spreads to surrounding tissues.

You can start treatment at the very first stage and also you can completely require breast cancer with the advanced treatments. You can choose the best hospital for cancer treatment anywhere in India but we have the Best Cancer Treatment Hospital In Hyderabad with very advanced technology and Punarjan Ayurveda hospitals are providing the best treatment without any side effects in India.


Advanced treatments for breast cancer:

There are many types of treatments available for advanced breast cancer. Let’s discuss it:

  1. Radiation therapy: You can’t use radiation therapy for the treatment of breast cancer but you can use radiation to shrink tumors in other body parts. It stops the growth of cancer tumors in the body and keeps symptoms under control. For suppose, if you send radiation into your tumor it will press on your spine and give more relief from the pain and make you comfortable. This tradition may also control your pain and bleeding from breast cancer that spread to your liver or brain but sometimes doctors may use stereotactic therapy treatment. In this stereotactic treatment, doctors use higher radiation rays into the body to target spots presented in the liver and your lungs.
  2. Chemotherapy: This is mostly used on women breast cancer patients. This is one of the best-advanced breast cancer treatments at an early stage of cancer. And it is very easy as compared to the past. It will control cancer for as long as possible and also reduce pain without any side effects. But doctors use several chemo drugs to treat breast cancer and sometimes doctors refer pills to control breast cancer. Chemotherapy is one of the best breast cancer treatments in Hyderabad.
  3. Surgery: Surgeries are used to treat cancer patients. The surgeon removes cancer from the body and this is the final version to remove cancer from the body parts such as the liver, kidney, bones, and breast. These are two types:
  4. Open surgery: Open surgery is used to remove tumors in one large cut. And some healthy tissue and near the parts of lymph nodes were also removed.


Minimally invasive surgery:

In this surgery, doctors use a variety of techniques to operate and this surgery makes few small cuts without any damage and pain. In minimally invasive surgery a long tube and tiny cameras are inserted into the body is known as a laparoscope. This is works as a monitor. Adrenalectomy, colostomy, colon and rectal surgery, endovascular surgery, gynecologic surgery, heart surgery, and kidney transplant are some of the types of minimally invasive surgery.

Hormonal therapy: Most of the times breast cancer occurs due to the effects of hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Cancer cells have receptors that are attached to estrogens and progesterone. These hormones help them to grow. Doctors use hormonal therapy to stop the attachment between these hormones and receptors. Hormonal is also known as endocrine therapy.

Hormonal therapy can enter the body anywhere and reach cancer cells. This therapy is mostly used for women who have positive receptors for separating them from hormones. Toremifene, tamoxifen, exemestane, letrozole, anastrozole, lupron and goserelin are some types of hormonal therapy. Anywhere in India, you can take these therapies for cancer treatment but in Hyderabad, we have the best hospitals to treat breast cancer. So, try to take the best breast cancer treatment in Hyderabad.

Targeted drug therapy: In this therapy, doctors use drugs that target specific proteins which are related to cancer. After menopause in women, everolimus targets protein is known as mTOR. The drugs like palbociclib, ribociclib and abemaciclib target a protein called CDK4/6.

•If their disease is sensitive to estrogen. It is known as ER- POSITIVE.

•If their disease is not sensitive to HER-2 protein. This disease is called HER-2 NEGATIVE and most breast cancers are HER-2 NEGATIVE. These are the advanced therapies commonly used to treat breast cancer in both men and women in advanced stages. These therapies won’t cure your breast cancer completely but they can reduce the growth of breast cancer and its symptoms and increases your possible survival rates. You can take cancer treatment anywhere in India with these therapies but sometimes it causes more side effects and leads to other diseases also. As compared to these therapies, ayurvedic treatment is best to protect you from side effects and it will increase your life span without any side effects. Punarjan Ayurveda hospitals are best to treat breast cancer naturally without using any of these therapies in Hyderabad.



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