How Can We Prevent Blood Cancer?

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After doing lots of research, scientists cannot find ways to prevent blood cancer types and did not find any risk factors for this type of cancer, but they have some key ways to reduce the known ones. The simple way to avoid blood cancer is that we have to boost our immune which can reduce some risk factors of Blood cancer.

Avoid Exposure To Radiations:

Try to avoid, if possible, the high doses of medicines and harmful radiation during the treatment because patients often come into the high intensity of radiation which increases the way to blood cancer.

Avoid Exposure To Chemicals:

Chemicals that are used in the workplace are highly related to the chance of developing blood cancer. Chemicals used in textiles, rubber, leather, dye paint, and print industries have natural chemical occurrences, and these chemicals agents can increase the risk of Blood Cancer.

Avoid Smoking Or Tobacco:

Smoking cigarettes is known to be the most common risk factor for Blood cancer. Cigarette smoking can start growing Blood Cancer. Those who are smoking 5 to 7 times more can get Blood cancer than non-smokers.

Regular Exercise:

Doing regular exercise keeps your body fit and healthy. Doing 30 min daily exercise will have less chance of getting affected from Blood Cancer.

Eat Healthy Food:

Consuming lots of fruits and vegetables will give you more benefits and fewer chances of developing cancer. Taking a healthy diet will help you from bladder cancer.

Intake Liquid Fluids:

Trying to intake more liquid fluids like tender water, juices, and drinking water is another way to get rid of developing cancer cells in the body and harmful chemicals that will pass from urine.

Protect Your Skin:

Avoid going out in the afternoon; the sun’s rays can harm your skin.Use sunglasses before going outside that will protect your eyes from harmful radiations.Apply sunscreen before going out from the house creams containing SPF 25 or 30.

Get Vaccinated:

Get vaccinations like hepatitis B or Human papillomavirus (HPV) that will keep your body safe.

Try To Avoid Risky Behaviors:

Risky behaviors like practicing sex or sharing needles. Get regular follow-up with your Doctors.

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