How To Boost Up Your Immunity During Covid -19

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Covid 19 pandemic has ruined people’s lives, so it is essential to know that taking a proper diet, maintaining a good lifestyle, keeping a social distance, and keeping yourself hygienic can guard against COVID-19. Presently, no research promotes the use of any supplement kit to guard against COVID-19 individually.

Covid – 19 named as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. And many countries are fighting dangerous virus effects on humanity; there are few significant measures that individuals can take to battle the pandemic.

Essential to maintain hygiene yourself keeping washing your hands regularly, mainly if you’re traveling by public transport, use sanitizer frequently and use a mask and avoid touching your hands to your mouth or nose after touching somewhere to avoid virus getting affecting your body;

Increase your immunity system, which is more important for patients who have diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and lung-related issues. They are at a high risk of getting Covid 19 affected; it starts increasing with people with less immunity.

Covid 19 is a spreading infection, so to avoid it, you should have solid immune power and don’t interact with such activities as smoking or consuming alcohol. It will directly affect your lungs.

Your immune system consists of multiple sets of cells to protect your body against invading viruses, toxins, and bacteria.

Protecting your immune system healthy is the key which avoids infection and bacteria from entering your body. Creating a healthy lifestyle by taking proper nutritious foods and enough sleep, and some essential exercise is the gate to increase your immune system power.

A nutritious diet will increase your immune system, which cannot go wrong; if you have reliable immune power, then you can protect your body from infections and disease, even from covid 19, till you get the vaccination to protect you from virus; there are some vitamins and food which you can include in your diet to build immune system strong and safeguard your body from viruses and bacteria.

Here is the list of some diet food and vitamins that will increase your immune system:

  • Improve your diet plan: Include broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, bell peppers, and green vegetables, which build resilience in the body against infection intake of a low-carb diet, which will help control bp and diabetics, and regular intake of fruits rich in beta carotene and other essential vitamins. You can intake omega-three fatty acids doses, and some natural supplements like ginger, Amla, and turmeric will build immunity power. You can include some natural herbs like black cumin, garlic, basil leaves, and sunflower seeds containing good sources of vitamin E and proteins in your cooking.
  • Don’t compromise in your sleep:  sleep at least 7-8 hours, which will help build your immunity power.
  •  Drink water 8-10 glasses daily: Drink water 8-10 glasses daily which keeps your body hydrated, and drinking water removes all harmful toxins from your body with water, sometimes intake juices containing vitamins c and tender water.
  • Perform some light exercise in the morning, which will increase your immunity power for a longer time, exercise at least 35-40 min; if you have not started your practice, then start now.
  • Stop taking alcohol and smoking, which is very risky for your body, and it will harm your lungs, and you will face problems while breathing.
  • Avoid Travelling as much as possible.
  • Drink herbal tea, or include ginger, or include black pepper in decoctions.
  • Avoid sugar and starting in taking Jaggery more.
  • Inhale steam daily with mint leaves or camphor oil.
  • Keep sanitizing your hands in every 5min.
  • Be in positive surroundings, which can increase your immunity power.
  • Intake vitamins D, vitamins c zinc, elderberry, medicinal mushrooms, B complex vitamins boost immunity supplements. To protect yourself and your loved ones from Covid 19 viruses till you get the vaccination, these are the food and some vitamins and herbs which will help in increasing your immunity power.