The Properties Of The Rasa-Dhatu

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Ayurveda says, “There are seven fundamental bodily tissues or components in the human body”. And these are referred to as ‘Rasa Dhatus’. The cells, tissues, and organs in our body are nourished and supported by these Dhatus. Therefore, every Dhatu performs a specific task. And these are essential to preserve the overall health and wellbeing of the person.

Rasa Dhatus Has Multiple Effects On The Cells In The Human Body:

The effect of Rasa Dhatu in body cells is remarkable. Rasa Dhatus give nutrition and nourishment to the cells they require. And this is done by supplying vital vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Cells benefit from this feeding since it promotes cell growth, repair, and regeneration.

Second, These tissues assist in clearing toxins and waste from the cells. They aid the detoxification procedures and enable body cells to maintain a safe environment that is free of dangerous toxins. Rasa Dhatus also has an impact on cellular coordination and communication of the body. Thus, they aid in signal transmission. They enable cells to communicate and react suitably to varied stimuli.

Cell Coordination And Communication:

Facilitating The Transfer Of Impulses: 

Impulse transfer between cells is one of the major functions of Rasa Dhatus in cellular coordination. They serve as a channel for conveying fluids for the transmission of data and signals from one cell to another. Consequently, your body’s systems and functions can operate as intended. Because, cells can communicate and synchronize their actions.

In addition, Rasa Dhatus also support preserving the harmony and balance of the body environment. It is an assurance for the optimal performance of body cells by supplying them with nutrition and support. Also, these are included in distributing vital nutrients, eliminating waste and pollutants, and managing the pH and electrolyte balance within cells. Rasa Dhatus help cells coordinate and communicate effectively by preserving a healthy cellular environment in the body.

Body Inertia:

Rasa Dhatus assist in controlling your body’s reactions to any infection. They work for the development and operation of immune cells. They also assist your body system to identify and eradicate foreign invaders. Thus, these dhatus enable the body to mount appropriate responses to threats. And, your body will be equipped with the state of homeostasis, immune modulation which is essential for efficient cellular coordination.


In conclusion, it is important to understand that the cellular coordination and communication of your body are significantly influenced by Rasa Dhatus. They can enable signal transmission, uphold a stable cellular environment, and regulate immunological responses—all of which are very crucial for the smooth operation of cells and general health.