What Are Risk Factors Of Bone Cancer?

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Risk factor which affects your body and getting into a disease like cancer. Not all tumors have the same symptoms, and the same risk factors are different. To avoid more risk better, you need to take precautions. 

Familial genes:  Bone cancer is a tiny tissue found in bone, and it appears in osteosarcomas, and it is known as a hereditary defect in the genes. Retinoblastoma is a type of cancer found in children, and it is known as eye cancer and has a high risk of increasing osteosarcoma.

Those who are having a family history of cancer are known as Li-Fraumeni syndrome. Retinoblastoma is an abnormal copy of the RB1 gene; those who are having this problem are also at a high risk of developing soft tissue cancer. The risk of osteosarcoma in bones is found near the eye.

Paget’s illness: Paget disease is known as non-cancerous, but it affects one or more bones; it builds in abnormal bone tissue and occurs in older people who are above 50 years of age. When the bones are affected, they become heavy and thick, and they become weaker than the normal bones and occur in fractures. A Paget disease occurs when many bones are affected, and they do not take life.

Chordomas: Chordomas are an inherited tuberous syndrome, affecting the mutation genes like TSC1 and TSC2 seen to be at a higher risk in childhood. But sometimes the genes are not found, and they are not responsible, but they are related to the Chordomas family and have a link to change the chromosomes.

Multiple osteochondromas (benign bone tumors): 

Multiple osteochondromas syndrome is known as inherited conditions that result in cracks in human bones; these are mainly known as cartilage; they are painful and cause fractures in bones. Those suffering from multiple osteochondromas are also at high risk, and this type of mutation is found in one of three types of genes.

Multiple enchondromas (benign animal tissue tumors): 

Enchondromas generally began in cartilage tumors, growing inside the bone. Those who are suffering from many tumors are known as multiple enchondromatosis also are at high risk.


Those who have undergone radiation therapy are having a high risk of developing bone cancer. Bone cancer is related to radiation therapy for several years and sometimes for decades after the treatment. Getting done radiation therapy, we will get a clear picture of bone cancer developing in the body. Mainly bone cancer has occurred because of radiation therapy.

Bone marrow transplantation: 

Bone marrow transplantation is also known as stem cell transplantation; this is used in some types of cancer; they produce peripheral stems in the blood depending on the stem cells.


Still there is no evidence found. Sometimes going under the injury may cause doctors to focus more on injured parts of bone. 

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