Why Is Breast Cancer Awareness So Important?

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What Is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is the most effective cancer that occurs in women after skin cancer. This is mostly seen in pregnant women. It is very important to be aware of breast cancer in the early stage because it may affect the baby and is dangerous to both women and the baby at the time of pregnancy. The cells which grow in the breast abnormally are called breast cancer. Breast cancer is occurring at any age in both women and men. As compared to men, breast cancer frequently affects women.

According to the American Cancer Society, in the year between 2015 -2017 about 252,710 breast cancer women are diagnosed and 63,410 new cases are admitted to a breast cancer hospital.2, 470 men breast cancer patients are diagnosed. It is the second leading cancer in women with 40,610 deaths. Lung cancer also mostly affects women. So, it is better to take breast cancer treatment early and it will reduce the risk factors of cancer. Now, breast cancer survival rates are increased as compared to the olden age. We cannot prevent breast cancer but you can avoid some risk factors which are causing breast cancer and this works as early detection. Breast cancer awareness is very important to women to detect breast cancer early.

What Are The Most Common Signs Or Symptoms Of Breast Cancer?

Every woman should know about the signs or symptoms of breast cancer to detect early and take breast cancer treatment. Regular mammograms and clinical breast exams are very useful in women. These tests are helpful to detect breast cancer. Let’s see some common signs and symptoms of breast cancer in women.

What Are The Common Signs Or Symptoms Of Breast Cancer In Women:

Nipple Discharge:

This mostly occurs at the time of pregnancy in women. Nipple discharge may happen at the time of hormonal changes or fibrocystic changes. This nipple discharge leads to a tumor, in most cases, this may be called papilloma and the doctor will refer you to take some tests and mammograms along with screenings. You have to take a biopsy to confirm it is papilloma or cancer. If the biopsy confirms it as a papilloma that time your doctor refers you to a surgeon. Some of the other possible causes of nipple discharge are birth control pills, ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), endocrine disorders, excessive breast stimulation, intraductal papilloma, menstrual cycle hormone changes, pregnancy, and breat6 feeding, injury or trauma to the breast, prolactinoma, etc.

Persistent Breast Pain:

Breast pain most commonly occurs in women. It may be in the form of stabbing, throbbing, tenderness, tightness, or burning pain in the tissues of the breast. This occurs suddenly or occasionally and it can occur in both men and women at any age. Some risk factors of breast pain are fatty acid imbalance, excessive caffeine use, medication use, breast surgery, change in the size of the breast, etc. if you have persistent breast pain then you have to consult a breast cancer doctor for treatment. Some methods to prevent breast cancer are wearing a properly fitted bra, avoiding medications, and following a low-fat diet, etc.

Lump In The Breast:

Breast lumps are localized bumps, swelling, protuberance, bulge, etc. in the breast and this is different from other breast tissues and may have chances to get breast cancer in women. Most of the breast lumps are not cancerous and this may cause any risk factors of cancer. Some possible causes of breast lumps are infections, cysts, fibro adenoma, fat necrosis, and lymphoma, and breast cancer. It is mostly seen in pregnant women and these are more effective than spreads to other breast tissues. Take the best breast cancer treatment from the best doctors as soon as possible.

Changes In Size Or Shape Of The Breast:

Human breast is made up of glandular tissue, connective tissue, and fatty tissues. Changes in size or shape of the breast are most experienced in women at the time of pregnancy. These changes are caused by menstruation hormones. These changes are in different types such as archetype, asymmetrical, athletic, bell shape, close-set, conical, east-west, relaxed, round, side set, slender, and teardrop. Some other factors that shape your breasts are age, weight, exercise, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, etc.

These are some signs and symptoms of breast cancer possibly occurring and a few more are swelling or thickness in the breast part, skin irritations in the breast, redness, and scariness of the nipple or breast skin area. If you notice any of these as soon as possible consult the best breast cancer doctor for treatment and reduce the risk of breast cancer.

What Are The Risk Factors Of Breast Cancer?

The main risk factor of breast cancer is being a woman and getting older. Breast cancer is mostly seen in women at the age of 55 years and older. Some major incorrigible risk factors of breast cancer are personal or family history, race, breast identity, and menstrual period history. Be aware of breast cancer risk factors that may help you to detect br4ast cancer in the early stage.

Some Common Risk Factors Of Breast Cancer:

• Being overweight

• Family history

• Genetics

• Personal history of breast cancer

• Radiation to the chest

• Certain breast changes

• Race or ethnicity

• Pregnancy or menstrual history

These are the main common risk factors of breast cancer. And some risk factors are using HTR (hormone replacement therapy), drinking alcohol, having dense breasts, and lack of exercise. If you avoid these risk factors that male you are low at possible breast cancer in women.

Some Emergency Risk Factors Of Breast Cancer Are:

•Light exposure at night.

•Low vitamin D levels.

• DES(diethylstilbestrol) exposure.

• eating unhealthy food.

• Exposure to chemicals in cosmetics.

• Exposure to chemicals in food.

• Exposure to chemicals in lawns and gardens. These are emergency risk factors of breast cancer in both men and women. The medical treatments of breast cancer chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and bone-directed therapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy. But these medical therapies cause side effects and lead to other kinds of diseases. So, Ayurvedic treatment is the best treatment for breast cancer. Ayurvedic treatments won’t cause any side effects and the treatment is also in a generic way.