Victory Over Cervical Cancer With The Help of Punarjan Ayurveda

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To Start With

Being healthy is a gift that can’t be measured. I am Vandana, 40 years old, from Nizamabad, and I was determined to go through my tough battle with cervical cancer, even though I was living a healthy life with my husband and kids. I was thankful that I was healthy and happy. Despite facing a scary health problem that kept coming back, I went through many hard times without giving up. I got my life back on track after trying Ayurveda to feel better. This is my story of fighting and winning over cervical cancer. My husband is a cashier at a bank, and we have a son and a daughter. We love being together as a family and are happy when we are together.

My Battle Began Here!

It wasn’t prolonged; abnormal things happened that could have made my whole life different. I went to the hospital in 2021 because I was sick from a blood clot. The doctors found my abnormal hormones when they checked me out. They then made a care plan for the next six months. However, the issue persisted, so I had a test, which ultimately showed that I had cervical cancer. I had to deal with heavier things than I ever thought possible. This took place during the pandemic. 

Doctor Guide

As soon as the cancer was found, I received treatment in Hyderabad. People go to the hospital for regular checkups even after they are done with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The doctors said there were no problems after the treatment was over. I still had to fight cancer, though.

We went to a well-known cancer hospital in Hyderabad to get help after some time had passed, and my health problems were persisting. After checking me, the doctors said that medicine would not help me. In addition, they told me that I had a minimal chance of living. This hospital sent me to a different one because they were pretty sure I would get better. I went to a different hospital, where my chances of life were slowly going down after hearing such heartbreaking news.

This time, the doctors at this hospital said that I should have surgery right away. Based on what they said, the operation was done there. Even so, I still had issues following the surgery, including diabetes and a stoma. Since the treatments haven’t helped, I agreed to take care of myself and my kids at home.

The Path to Recovery

I was startled when I read about Punarjan Ayurveda Cancer Hospital online. After hearing about the successes of cancer patients who had lived through the terrible conditions at Punarjan, I felt hopeful that my problem might be solved. What I must say about my time at Punarjan Ayurveda speaks for itself.

I got better from my cancer within three months after starting to take medicine from Punarjan. Their team helped me get over my fear of going to the hospital. I can now work again and be happy with my family. I am healthy again after being sick with cancer, thanks to Punarjan Ayurveda Hospital.

I am Happy Today!

This is my story of how Punrjan Ayurveda gave me a new life. I won my fight with cancer, let go of the things that were holding me back, and welcomed a new beginning. This is how I beat cervical cancer and changed my life for the better through Ayurveda.