Are Gene Mutations Responsible For The Incidence Of Cancer?

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Whenever people come across the Cancer Disease, they may get an idea at most times that mutations in gene level are the main cause for the risk of cancer.

We are aware, cancer is a disease of uncontrolled growth that in turn forms tumours. But, we have to know the exact mechanism, how the growth of cells occurs at the cellular level.

In human body, every cell has two specific genes 

  • Oncogenes: These are the genes that help in normal growth. These genes give us normal growth from childhood to adult and cell repair during injuries.
  • Tumour suppressor genes: These genes regulate the growth of the cell by stopping the cell division as it is required.

Let us know how these genes are working in our body. During our growth or repair mechanism, whenever our cell has to undergo division, oncogenes are activated to initiate the cell division based on the requirement of the cell. 

When it reaches the expected growth limit, tumour suppressor genes are activated to stop the cell division. By this way these two genes work in a coordinated way to regulate the cell division and control the growth rate of cells in the human body.

We tend to always believe that the gene mutations are the sole reason for the risk of cancer, but we forgot to know the exact reason, how the genes are mutated in the cell. So we are facing a threat of cancer.

Trivial reason of cancer

All the genes are available in our human body from our birth and perform the normal duties without any hindrances. We human beings interfere with the activity of genes through our lifestyle activities including environmental exposure, food habits, and sedentary lifestyle. 

Simply providing a hypothetical idea that gene mutations are the sole responsible factor for the risk of cancer is not the best approach. We have to know the exact root cause to these gene mutations are lifestyle changes and working according to this will be a better approach to cancer care. 

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