Bermuda Grass: Health Benefits

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Have you ever heard about Bermuda Grass?

It is a type of grass that we occasionally use in many festivals like Lord Ganesha Puja, the decoration of ‘Gobbemma’ in Sankranti as part of Indian tradition. It is commonly called ‘Garika’. It has both traditional value and good health. Cynodon dactylon is its scientific name.

We get two types of Bermuda Grass. They are White Bermuda Grass and Black Bermuda Grass. Compared to black Bermuda Grass, white Bermuda Grass has more medicinal properties. Normally Bermuda Grass has antiviral properties but it also has most of the nutrients. It has flavonoids, carotenoids and alkaloids and may also enhance the antibodies in the body.

Bermuda Grass will be a great solution to many health problems. Firstly, it has high fibre content so it helps in the digestion process as well as relieves gastric problems. Vitamin- C in Bermuda Grass helps in boosting immunity. Bermuda Grass is even good for skin and hair. 

Bermuda Grass can deal with many health issues and promotes good health. Indeed Bermuda grass is sacred likewise in health and spirituality too. 

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