Bilberry: Health Benefits

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Bilberry is similar to the Blueberry fruit species that looks in purple colour. It is grown at a low altitude. Its scientific name is Vaccinium myrtillus.

They usually grow in the wild and are difficult to grow in normal soil conditions. Bilberries are good to eat with a sweet taste. It is used as a medicinal herb for many years for diarrhoea. Blueberries are good for eye health.

The reason for taking Bilberry as both food and medicine is due to anthocyanosides that act as an antioxidant. Many researches have also found that the compounds present in Bilberry protect us from heart disease, oxidative stress and inflammation. Furthermore, some other studies suggest that Bilberries may give a promising effect in reducing colorectal cancer. Scientific community believed that anthocyanosides in the Bilberry extract was shown to have a beneficial effect in decreasing cancer cells growth in colon cancer patients.

Overall, Bilberry can be used for eye healthheart health and improving digestive function. People never consider Bilberry as a substitute for medical treatment but we can take it as part of the diet to get good health. .

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