Does Reducing Calorie Intake Decrease The Risk Of Cancer?

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These days the most discussed topic among various sections of people is calorie restriction . There are some doubts circulating among people whether at which age is apt for calorie restriction, type of diet to be followed and is it compulsory to follow this method.

Calorie restriction is the process by which people are trying to restrict their diet based on their requirement and do necessary workout to utilize the calories that are already present in the body.

Most people look after their health when they reach the age of 40 to prevent health problems.

As we take more untimely calorie diets, it increases glucose in the blood. Insulin makes this glucose move to cells for energy production. If cells are with surplus of glucose, this is due to lack of proper exercise. Even with the presence of enough insulin, glucose in the blood increases and results in insulin resistance and is referred to as type-2 diabetes.

This extra glucose converts into fats and gets deposited in the abdominal region. This is the reason for obesity . When obesity reaches an elevated stage, it leads to inflammation inside the body that may result in various cancers . Obesity might have an indirect impact on heart disorders, liver issues, hypertension, arthritis and metabolic syndromes .

As we all know, ‘diet’ is the prime source of energy and the extra diet may also lead to various health problems. Most of the researchers said ‘Everything Is In Our Diet’. So we need to take the diet as per our needs and regular exercise is mandatory for consumption of glucose in cells.

Calorie restriction can be done by following fasting, intermittent fasting and water diet. Proper self introspection has to be done while doing various fasting methods.

By restricting diet we can prevent various health disorders like cancer and metabolic syndromes. It helps in the detoxification and autophagy, in which the cellular components are degraded and recycled to new ones. Autophagy is achieved through long fasting and can also help in anti ageing .

With all benefits, calorie restriction can be done by the people with prior consultation from an expert health care professional and they have to explain their present health issues and its comorbidities.

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