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What is the successful treatment of any disease?

Choosing a successful treatment

In these contemporary times, people are prone to get various diseases all the time across the world. Generally disease is explained as a deterioration of general good health by a disorder or malfunctioning of the body or mind. 


Even though many diseases are available, people always find ways to cure, prevent and control these ailments. Various treatment procedures are available for the various diseases.


Finding and understanding the root cause is the most important for the all rational treatment for any disease. We have a separate branch of science, Etiology deals with cause and origins of diseases.


For any condition, between root cause and final outcome are some intermediary steps called proximate causes. Successful treatment always depends upon the ultimate or root cause.


Root cause⇨ Proximate cause⇨ outcome 


For instance, we know liver failure is caused due to cirrhosis. This information is not useful as we need to know the cause of cirrhosis. If it is due to hepatitis C virus we prefer antiviral medication or if it is alcohol we advise not to consume it. Here, cirrhosis is the proximate cause and virus and alcohol are the root causes.


Let us look at the case of cancer. Most of the scientific community thought gene mutations will play a key role and they never had a better approach of treatment plan as gene mutations are the proximate cause. Finding the root cause of mutations such as diet, smoking, viruses, chemicals and radiation then we are able to control and prevent the cancer disease.


So, in most of all human diseases treating root cause is the key to success but not with the proximate causes.

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