Snake Gourd: Health Benefits

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If you look at this vegetable, it is almost similar to a snake, so it is called Snake gourd and is famous as ‘potlakaya’ in Telugu states and its scientific name is Trichosanthes cucumerina. In our country it is called by different names in each region. Generally people do not like snake gourd curry as much. But if you know about the benefits, you don’t leave it alone. Most studies suggested that it can help in fighting cancer disease.

Health Benefits Of Snake Gourd

A study by Kongtun S in 1999 found the extract of snake gourd and its root had an effect on cancer cells. This research found that both of these substances have the potential to work against the growth of breast, lung and colon cancer. This study infers that the extract of snake gourd root itself has more potential to work against cancer.

Furthermore, another study conducted on albino mice found that the ethanolic extract of snake gourd has a promising effect on blood sugar levels. In addition it can reduce diabetes by increasing glucose tolerance.

Snake gourd also helps in protecting the liver from carbon tetrachloride toxicity. And also snake gourd can be useful to lose weight. Because it has low calories and high fibre. It makes the stomach feel full and reduces food cravings. Moreover, snake gourd is useful for stomach related problems as it contains sufficient fibre that might prevent bloating, and constipation.

Snake gourd has a decent amount of antioxidants that can reduce oxidative stress in the body and help prevent chronic diseases. Snake gourd also works better for depression as it contains gallic acid in it. It has psychostimulant and neuroprotective properties. Studies also suggest that gallic acid can help in reducing the risk of depression.

Incomplete digestion of food may lead to inflammation and nausea in the chest that might develop gastroesophageal reflux disease. These problems can be overcome by snake gourd that contains fibre. Fibre reasonably helps in reducing acidity in the stomach and other issues including peptic ulcers, gastritis and heartburn.

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