Vrikshayurveda: It’s Importance

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tree is the most sacred in nature . If there is no tree, not only humans, all living beings cannot survive even a single day. That’s why it is most evident that ‘saving trees is almost like saving nature’ !

As ancient sages of India wrote Ayurveda For Human Health and gave us that wealth of knowledge, the sage ‘Surapala’ also gave us a book that deals with Ayurveda for plants and trees. That’s “Vrikshayurveda!” Vrikshayurveda deals with the detailed explanations of health issues of trees and their remedies. It is written that unique ‘Vata’, ‘Pitta’ And ‘Kapha’ are also responsible for the issues of the tree.

A verse written about the importance of a tree in this book is,

“Ten wells are equal to one water canal ,

Ten canals are equal to one large pond ,

Ten large ponds are equal to a son ,

Ten sons are equal to one tree ”

This verse emphasised the importance of a tree which was written thousands of years ago by our ancestors! By this we can predict the greatness of a proverb “Vruksho Rakshati Rakshitah”