Why Are We So Lagging Behind In Cancer Treatment?

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Cancer is a single word which can create fear, anxiety, sorrow and pain among the people across worldwide. Even though we have many types of treatments available in the healthcare industry, we are not able to achieve better rates of survival in cancer patients.

Let us discuss why we are still some steps away from the success in cancer care……

First of all, most cancers are treated by Single Targeted Treatment and are unlikely to be successful as a single drug that targets a single mutation cannot treat entire cancer. It is very daunting to target multiple mutations.

Like this targeted personalised medicine cannot cure many hundreds of mutations. So, treating a single mutation incase of cancer that has hundreds of mutations is not a fruitful strategy.

Like, bacteria will become resistant by using antibiotics continuously, cancer also becoming resistant to conventional treatment methods of hormone based and gene based treatments. 

So, gene mutations are constantly changing in cancers based on the environmental adaptations. Indeed, Cancer is evolving. We need to explore the driving forces behind the mutations as finding the root cause of cancer problem is best rather than working on its effects.